Thursday, May 11, 2006

It Really Wants to Be a Hurricane.

     Hey!  This morning I woke up to a Nor' Easter --in Wisconsin.  And, for us lake-people here in the ol' Dairyland, that sort of thing doesn't happen all that often.  Normally, weather such as this just rolls through on its way to pester the people of Michigan.
    Now, as far as nor' easters go, the hearty, always-drenched New English, such as Monponsett, are probably laughing themselves silly over their morning cups of chowder and lobster bisque as they see this.   And, I suppose it is pretty darn weak by East Coast standards.  I mean, let's face it.  Although our lake is a Great Lake, it's not even a drop in the bucket when it comes to the big, briny blue mass of the Atlantic.  Still, this is a cute nor' easter.  And, it's cuteness is supposed to hang around until Monday or Tuesday, dumping a lot of rain on us and smacking us poor cheeseheads around with 50 mph winds.   
*UPDATE*  The people on the local news said that because of the excessive rain, people in Milwaukee are asked to take steps to conserve water.  I've been told to install low-flow shower heads and not do laundry.  Also, meteorologist Roy Eckberg warns:  "Anyone brave enough to try surfing on Lake Michigan will have to deal with the significant rain that will threaten to overwhelm the sewerage district's treatment capacity."
    *UPDATE*   As of 3:30, this little mid-latitude cyclone seems to be turning into a nice, winter storm.  See the snow?  Isn't that pretty?  It's been such a long time since I've seen snow.  I hope it snows here.  I am so excited to wake up tomorrow in a freakin' winter wonderland.  And to think, I just mowed the lawn the other day in shorts. 
    Now I know why the Swedish drink so much. 


  1. You poor little cheeseheads.

    Amanda :-P

  2. Im getting some of it's effects down here in Chicago too! lol lol lol I think Winnie the Pooh referes to it as a blustery day though! lol

  3. And then it'll come this way.

  4. We 'New English' folk would probably be laughing, but I'm fairly certain it just came from here. It's been rainy and very windy all week, and will continue to be until Tuesday.

  5. Aw Gee Dan, I wish!:(
    Monponsett is not feeling very well

  6. I thought you had "November Witches." Either way, we're due nearly 6" of rain here between now and Sunday.