Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Love This...

AOL News - BBC Interviews Wrong Man as Expert

    Ya know?  I've had some bad job interviews in my day, but nothing --and I mean nothing-- can really compare to what this poor gent went through as a result of a BBC bungle.   

Please, help me!

     Apparently, the BBC had planned on interviewing Guy Kewney about internet downloads; however, when Guy Goma arrived at the station for a job interview, things seem to have taken a rather bizarre turn, and the BBC literally wound up interviewing the wrong Guy (ba-dum-bump).  What follows is classic British comedy at its best.

     Personally, I think Mr. Goma deserves his own show with how well he handled himself during this interview.  I mean, just the picture alone is worth a million words. 

     Ahh... The horrors of the dreaded job interview, huh?  I mean, this beats the time an interviewer developed a bloody nose during my interview and bled all over my resume and writing samples before all was said and done.

     In retrospect, I should have asked for that stuff back once the blood dried.  I could have used that to my advantage in my next interview. 

    So, how about you?  Do any of you have any job interview horror stories? 





  1. my all time favorite interview went something like this.......I was a "perky" 22 year old and he was a lustful manager! (rat bass turd) he literally spoke to my breasts the entire interview.......I knew I was going to get the job, and just to bust his chops ( a lil) I said,'You really weren't expecting them to answer you, were you?" and by the way........I was dressed conservatively! lol lol lol

  2. Thankfully no bad job interview experiances here . . . yet . . . I will be sure to fill you in when I do have one though.

    Had I been at your interview, I would have whipped a tampon outta my purse and shoved it up their nose (talk about being prepared) that should've earned a few extra brownie points right? :-D


  3. "When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges."--Jack Handy

    When I was about 20, I walked into a chain shoe store and asked the manager if he had any job openings. He looked me up and down (Low-cut leotard and skirt) and stammered, "I was just about to put up a 'Help Wanted' sign." A month later, he said he was putting me in for "ass-istant manager" but I had itchy feet and needed to hit the road. Actually, he was a pretty cool boss despite the drooling.

  4. Bloody Hell!! (insert my britt ling-go) Oh well, we'll just blame it on someone else.



  5. Poor guy. Look at his face!  I feel bad for him!  No horror interview stories to tell here.  Thank God, huh?  LOL!