Wednesday, May 17, 2006

World Turnin'

    I don't know if you noticed the spinning Earth in my "About Me" section or not (kind of hard to miss), but you might not have noticed that it's also a link.  And, currently, the plan is to direct that link to odd, world-related stuff such as websites to random towns, scenic webcams, silly planetary projects and whatever else pops into my head.  Right now, I don't really plan on having any sort of timetable for when the link will change, but I expect it'll stick around for a few days before I move on to something else.  Also, you're welcome to email me with your own links and suggestions.  It may be fun.  And, if it's not, well...  at least the spinning earth looks kind of neat, huh? 


Links used to date:

the Degree Confluence Project

Casey Station Webcam - Australian Antarctic Division


AfriCam - Africa Safari

Jail Cam

Mongolia - Camel Riding - Gobi Desert



  1. I MADE THE WORLD STOP TURNING! JUST BY CLICKING ON IT!  I am a GOD!  Well, huh.  If I were really a god - my first thing would be to get rid of all the yellow curbs.  I'd make them purple, just to mess with people's heads...

  2. Jeez, now I have to go and have a look see. Cause you gave just enough info to make it sound weird & interesting.

    By the way have you taken a spin with