Saturday, May 20, 2006

I... umm.. WHAT?!?!

AOL News - Axl Rose Says Hilfiger 'Just Kept Smacking Me'

    Now, I don't know whether Tommy Hilfiger was trying to boost his "street cred" by beating up on Axl Rose, or if he was just drunk and looking to impress his girlfriend by crawling around on the floor after getting his teeth knocked out.  However, one thing's for certain: at a party where Mickey Rourke, Kid Rock, and even Lenny Kravitz were in attendance, I'm thinking Tommy Hilfiger probably chose wisely by going after Axl Rose.  Still...  Sometimes you just have to wonder what the....? 



  1. My husband calls him "Tommy Pull-my-finger"
    It makes me laugh.

  2. Not only do I find this astonishing but I also think that it enters the realm of "The Perfect Mental Image Ever"  - I mean, what did Axl do?  Did he wear a color that was NOT red, white or blue?   Did he tell Tommy that HE invented crop pants and NOT Mr. Hilfiger?  One will never know why the bitch-slap was broughteth - we can only guess, speculate, and laugh out butts off wondering...

  3. Hilf has done stuff like this before. A few years back, he wandered out onto the court at Madison Square Garden, to give Latrell Sprewell hassle about his cornrows.

    "The man knows fashion... of course I was going to hear him out," said the 6'7" Spree, who once choked his own coach.