Friday, May 19, 2006


    Earlier tonight, I was learning how to fix internet contests over at Monponsett's Sports Blog, and suddenly, without warning, I heard music. 

    What is this?!?  I thought.  Have I finally lost my marbles?  If I have, insanity has one hell of a nifty soundtrack!  Who knew going crazy would sound so cool?

    However, somewhere in the inner-workings of my melon, a solitary spark of lucidity danced upon my last functional dendrite, and I found myself scribbling a quick note to the wild-child from Normandy in search of answers. 

    Anyway, she directed me to Brandi's journal with all the information a dope like me could ever need when it comes to this sort of thing. 

    So, thanks a bunch to Monponsett and Brandi for the help. 

    Now, as for the music, it's not going to be something I really do a lot of.  I don't really want to force what I listen to onto people who probably are already listening to something else.  I just was more interested in seeing if it could be done.  I've been having a bit of fun lately learning all this nifty HTML stuff and whatnots.  A little geekery is good for the soul, methinks.   

     As for the song that's on there now, that's me just noodling around on one of my acoustic-electric guitars (cat-vacuuming for musicians, I s'pose).  If you like it, please feel free to steal it.  If you don't like it, I think pressing "esc" will stop the torture. 




  1. Like the music Dan, it takes a bit of time to load but well worth it since faster loading midi music sucks.

  2. Okay, I am missing something....where's the link for this music?

  3. Ohhh . . . I like the guitar. Go Dan go.

    My stupid-ass-died-blonde-hair and I can not seem to figure out this entire music concept. I once sat on the phone with Brandi for hours trying to attempt adding the perfect redneck song to Hey I'm Country . . . nothing . . .


    Take Care, hope you had a lovely weekend.

    Amanda :)

  4. You figure they'd have tuned that for you when you bought it....

  5. hahaha.. Everyone's a critic.  Especially, the French.