Monday, May 22, 2006

This Guy Deserves a BIG Contract.

NFL - Gado Wants to Run for Pack, Treat Sick - AOL Sports

     I think this is a great story, and it's really a statement that there actually are truly good people in the world of sports.  So, whatever the Cowboys are paying T.O. for his ridiculous prima-dona nonsense, I think the NFL and the Green Bay Packers should pay Samkon Gado at least three times as much for trying to be a real representative of humanity's good side. 




  1. Why not "tip off" Sports Illustrated? A decent human interest story would not kill their circulation!

  2. I worked in the "AIDS field" for eleven years and have never read a better article. Thanks for putting it on your blog. I'm now a Packers long as they aren't playing the Patriots, of course.

  3. This guy will go to Heaven!