Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dummy Olympics...

Crash Test Dummy Olympics

    In the mood for a little Dummy High-Jump or Crash Test Dummy Curling? 

    Yes.  It's mindless, but who doesn't like to launch a dummy out of a car from time to time?   It's oddly amusing in a strange, destructive sort of way. 




  1. Being Canadian, I immediately had to try the curling. Best score: 2396

  2. This is why I would not make a good Dummy, because I score a big fat ZERO on the High-Jump. Thanks Dan for making me feel less about myself. LoL


  3. I did pretty good in the high jump, but Paul totally smoked me on the Curling and bested my score by about a thousand.  I guess that's why Canada won the Gold.