Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Schlitz, baby!

    Here's my "funky" light for John Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot

    My grandfather used to own and operate a blue-collar factory bar way, way back in the days before, during, and after the Great Depression, and after he'd passed away, he left us with a mountain of old beer signs and lights and other bar stuff.  I'm not exactly sure how old this Schlitz beer light is, but it's always been one of my favorite things.  I just like the look of it and the fact that there's a huge star showing everyone exactly where Milwaukee is. 

Beer City!    It's not the oldest thing in the collection, however.  There are some really ancient Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller, Blatz and god knows what other crappy beer up in lights.  Some of them work fine, and others are an absolute fire-hazard. 

    For example, I plugged the Pabst choo-choo train light in a while back and the little locomotive wiggled a bit before I started to hear buzzing and saw hypnotizing blue arcs of light coming from the plug.  Fun stuff. 

    Oh well...  If nothing else, it's a pretty light and a little slice of Milwaukee's beer-making history.  Plus, it was a lot easier taking a picture of this light than it was trying to snap a picture of the wickedly bright, red, jewel light on my Fender Twin Amplifier. 



  1. I love your beer light.  I have had one too many Schlitz in my day ... me no drink beer anymore, but for a split second (omg) I could feel it and so not only does this show light shining, should one wish to partake, their own light would come on from the inside out; if my memory serves me correctly.  First time I ever bought beer, it was a bumper of Schlitz.  (and I might add I was underage at the time - bad glenda, bad bad bad!!)  tee hee.  

  2. Hey, my grandfather owned a blue-collar bar, too. He also ran the VFW. Unfortunately, he passed teh business down so I ended up bartending for freakin' YEARS. The lights were cool though. Great photos. You must be enjoying that new camera.--Cin

  3. Very very cool!  Your Milwaukee pride is awesome too!

    be well,

  4. You could get intotrouble for this...I'm stil llooking into it....


    My brother-in-law was robbed at the gas station he works at, and I used my new newspaper job to issue a frontpage bounty on Cape Cod's #1 source for online news. He gave as good as he got, but he was hit with a tire iron.... no one does that to my family.

    I'm trying to spread the word... I want these little fuckers' balls on my plate by tomorrow night. I have $5000 up,and it'll goto whoever brings me these SOBs.

    Keep in mind... this may be illegal in Wisconsin.... but feel free to spread the word. If anyone else wants to play, forward them this link:

  5. I don't drink beer... but if I did, it'd be Nasty Gansett.