Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tales From Gripe City!

    Now, I meant to get to the Gripe Line responses yesterday, but it's been such an odd week on this end, and I am just getting to it now.  First, it was the ice, and I think I chipped enough off the roof to make a hell of a lot of margaritas.  Unfortunately, with it being three degrees and all, margaritas aren't that attractive, ya know? 

    Then, once the ice was gone, my laptop was acting up because, well, you know all that "free trial" nonsense they pack onto a machine?  Yeah.  It all seems to be expiring at the same time.  So, I was poking around deleting everything unneeded (who knew I had a cheesy pirate game on there?). 

    Anyway, everything's back to, umm, normal.   So, here's a week's worth of gripes for your reading pleasure.  I hope you enjoy.

Honey, baby, sweetie    
January 23rd 2007
10:17:14 AM

My gripe is:
(well it asked what I like to be called so...) Anywho, I think the new AOL Welcome screen sucks. How 'bout you? Is yours as screwed up as mine? There's a curser in the photo to the left of the Google search box and I can actually type on the screen.

    It seems that AOL makes a lot ofchanges for the worst, doesn't it?  I mean, the message boards are irrevocably messed up.  So, once they finished making a mess of that, they turned their attention to the Welcome Screen.  I'm not sure what the logic is behind their madness, but it reminds me of the time my former neighbor tried to install a sunroof on his old Chevy Citation.  I think he learned that day that it's not a good idea to measure the outside edge, and when he dropped the shiny new sunroof into his rusted little heap, it fell cleanly through the oversized hole and shattered on the stick shift.  I still laugh at that.  I'm an evil man.

    Anyway, if you're using the AOL client and don't like the new Welcome Screen, Dawn from Carpe Diem has a pretty simple fix to the problem.  So, give it a whirl and let me know how it works. 

    P.S.  I love the name. 


January 23rd 2007
04:21:40 PM

My gripe is:
Another thing to gripe about, why does every station HAVE to show the president. I understand that years and years ago it was necessary, but now? Make them do it round robin style... spare us.

    Ahhh...  The pain!  It burns us!  I also think it would be great if only one channel carried it at a time, but then we'd never know how dense the folks at Fox are.  I TiVo'd their coverage and watched it a little later.  It's fun to see those weak, little tabloid-news washouts turn into such groveling, boot-licking lackeys.  It always reminds me of the cartoon with Spike the big dog and his chattering little sycophant prattling right along side him.  Seriously, I think it's only a matter of time before Sean Hannity starts dry-humping Dick Cheney's leg. 

    However, since I had to watch, I caught it on CSpan, so it wasn't too bad. 

January 25th 2007
08:35:49 AM

My gripe is:
3#@#$%Q@#!#$!#$!$ Tech Help, what the **** is the deal with them. Your passed from one person to another. Eventually you get annoyed enough for figure it out for yourself. What the ****!!!! And they are getting paid because???? How about everytime I have to do their job, I get paid. That sounds like it would be a sweet deal since I'm doing thier job anyway!!!!!! Indigo

    Yeah...  I've learned a lot about computer maintenance from the neglect of tech support.  But, a fun thing to do is act very drunk and really stupid when you call them.  It makes them explain the same thing in about fifty different ways, and it's a lot of fun to frustrate the living hell out of them with feigned stupidity. 

January 25th 2007
11:19:09 AM

My gripe is:
Dan????? Where are ya? Did the Republicans come and install a mute button after you dissed the prez?

    Ooo...  You should have seen the mail I got.  Apparently, I've been reported to the FBI, Homeland Security, and one unhappy Neo-Conservative knuckle-dragger even called me a tool for the Communist AARP.  I think he got his acronyms confused, but damn was that funny, and in light of the fractured grammar and atrocious spelling of the emails, I'm thinking they were all written by a Third Grade Special-Ed class somewhere.    

January 27th 2007
09:02:46 AM

My gripe is:
Hey AOL, where are my 'lerts? WTH?

    All your 'lerts are belong to us! 



  1. Old commies never die, and they get discounts on coffee at McDonald's.--Cin

  2. LOL... 'All your 'lerts are belong to us'  I AM STILL LAUGHING MY ASS OFF, and I read it all twice!  LOL

    You rock Dan... and watch out for that Communist AARP thing...

    be well,

  3. Things that make you go hmmm.