Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When All Else Fails...

    Now, in honor of Sport's Blogger Monponsett's interview with one of the Celtic Dancers, and to lighten the mood here, I decided to fall back to my old standard.  So, here's a hunk of cheese for you:

Mmmm...  Full-fat cheese...

    This cheese is labeled as being "vegetarian."  If anyone would like to explain that one to me, please feel free to do so. 

    Other than that, feel free to discuss this cheese.



  1. Probably means it's not wrapped in bacon. (I hear some people prefer it that way.) B.

  2. Someone milked a corn cob.

  3. I don't know how in the name of all things cheese it could be vegetarian...but it is cheese.

    be well,

  4. If it's Irish, it is highly doubtful it is edible.  It can also be used as a hockey puck. It is vegetarian cuz it's not made of meat.  Duh. If it was labeled vegan, it would have to be made with something other than milk. Hmm.  Cheese made of water?  Ugh.  Too disgusting to fathom. I grew up in WI and had to go to rehab to be weaned fromit when I moved to IL.  Your blog is a joy to read. Thank you every day for giving us FOOD for thought!  :-)

  5. I became addicted to your journal today.  OMG you are funny and funny is my favorite!!!


  6. I, too, have become addicted to your blog, and to your other readers, who are extremely funny in their own right!  Such hilarious comments!  

    Now, as for your sweeping me off my feet (would you mind doing the rest of the floor while you're at it?) and taking up residence on my couch while developing that nasty gambling habit, I'm all for it!  But you'll need FAR more than a broom.  Might I suggest a fork lift, or some kind of "earth mover?"  HA!  

    You can keep whatever change (and food items) you find in and under the couch (including between the cushions).  You'll want to use it toward your new-found gaming vice, and snacking while at the tables/slot machines.

    I will stock the fridge with groceries, and I can assure you: THERE WILL BE CHEESE, vegetarian and otherwise.  (I prefer a meat-eating cheese, though...)  

    Your comments always make me smile!  You're a charmer, that's fer sher!  Oh, and I'm going to copy your "100 things about me," except I'm going to make it about, well, ME.

    Thanks for the brain candy!  I always have such a great time when I'm here!    



  7. Anything 50% fat must be good, even if it is Irish. (I'm not knocking Irish people; just Irish food. Half of my grandparents were from Ireland.)--Cin

  8. Perhaps to keep us from having to lok up maitiere grasse to know it's not meat......  and yes, some things Irish are very edible:)  And drinkable.   I suggest a nice pint or three to go with this.   Are you serving cheese to your date Saturday (or am I a week off here)?  -- Robin  

  9. The vega cheese answer involves non-animal fennet. If you want the long answer, hit me off in IM.

  10. The shorter answer is Pizza Hut uses non-animal cheese.