Monday, January 22, 2007

The Airing of the Gripes Pt. 3

    Finally!  I've managed to compress the couple of weeks' worth of gripes into three little entries.  I figure the next time I do this, I'll probably just pick four or five of the week's best --if there are four or five, that is. 

    Anyway, let's keep the silly moving, huh? 

January 12th 2007
08:13:57 AM

My gripe is:
!!@@@@##$@!#!@~!@!@#@!@#@# Why the hell can't the neighbors pick a decent hour to howl and yell at one another. Course I can't hear but Pickles (my hearing dog can) so she gets me up repeatedly in the night thinking something is wrong. I don't like sleeping in the day either!!! !!!@#$$%@$%@!#$#@#$!#$!@#@# Indigo

    I have to admit, when I think about being deaf, this is something I've never ever considered as a problem.  And, trust me, I've lived in apartments where I wished I couldn't hear anything.  I suppose you could slip a note under their door saying "Hey!  I'm deaf, and your constant fighting is keeping even ME awake."   That should have them scratching their noisy little heads for quite some time.

January 12th 2007
01:04:13 PM

My gripe is:
What the hell is wrong with the ******* post office in my town!!! I ordered my daughter a computer and a monitor from on Dec. 28th and the monitor came a week ago, via USPS. As of today still no computer. The kicker is it arrived at the facility the same day the monitor did, but for some frickin' reason they can't find it. This package was tracked all the way from Illinois and suddenly disappears when it gets to NJ? As for whos' responsibility it is , well they don't know. Shipping was free. How is it they can get every piece of junk mail to my house but a computer, they can't find?

    My mailman looks like Charles Manson with a mullet, and his nickname is "Gunner."  There have been times where I've not ordered things in the mail because I know it's only a matter of time before he snaps, and I really don't want to be the one to send him over the edge. 

January 19th 2007
07:58:28 PM

My gripe is:
Cat hairballs. Why keep swallowing hair? A ten or so year old cat must KNOW BY NOW that swallowing hair leads to gagging it up on the carpet. Why does he keep doing it? Why? And why does he have to make such ghastly noises while hawking up that hair ball? I made less noise giving birth.

    Isn't evolution a wonderful thing?  I mean, we get thumbs, and our pets get combs for tongues. 

January 20th 2007
01:01:35 PM

My gripe is:
Why....when you get 2 stinking boys, age 4 and 8 they have to wrestle, fight and fuss with another. Yes, they live together (here) and keep me on my f**k*** toes! ::growl:: 'Splain that one...would ya?

    Again...  Use a handgun.  Wave it in the air and scream a lot when you fire off a couple of rounds into the ceiling.  And, if that doesn't work, trust me.  People will come and take those unruly children off your hands.

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January 20th 2007
09:09:03 PM

My gripe is:
I hate to say this but I might just have to stop watching my favorite show "24" all because of Ricky Shroeder who was recently added to the cast. He was once on another show called "N.Y.P.D. Blue" which he wasn't good on either in my opinion. I won't want to watch the show if he is on the show long. I am sad to think that the show "24" would have added him into the mix. I probably won't be a fan of "24" for much longer with Ricky as part of the show. How could this happen ?????

    It's a little known fact in Hollywood that the signs of a show's impending demise are as follows:
    First, a former child actor becomes a regular cast member ala Gary Coleman on Buck Rogers
    And, the second sign comes with a special guest appearance by the Harlem Globetrotters.  It happened on Gilligans' Island, and I think it's only a matter of time before we see Jack Bauer finally meet his match by getting slaughtered in a game of pick-up basketball. 

    Well, this was fun, and thank you all for your many wonderful gripes, complaints, and random observations.  And, rest assured, I have since learned the difference between ducks and geese. 


  1. Oh Dan... you are such a wit.  Yes, you are so funny, funnier than anyone I know, in RL or online!!!  Thank you for the best laughs I have had in ages!!!

    be well,

  2. Well, I've read all 3 airing of the gripes.  I think you should do a whole book of them.  And when you do I get 10% because I suggested it. LOL Seriously.  No...Seriously.  It was a great series. Quite amusing.

  3. LOL!!! Thanks for the smiles on a Monday hon!! Gotta tell you though I'm still gonna hound ya on that visiting the journals deal (winks) After all how do we really know you visit hmmm.......(Hugs) Indigo

  4. Dude, I used to date your mailman! Hey, if he looks like he's ready to "Go", just toss him some porn and he'll settle right down. Oh and if the pages of your Victoria's Secret catalog are stuck together, I'd advise just throwing the whole thing away. --Cin

  5. Thanks Dan, I enjoyed these. Maybe next time I'll even add to the gripevine myself. B.

  6. "Again...  Use a handgun.  Wave it in the air and scream a lot when you fire off a couple of rounds into the ceiling.  And, if that doesn't work, trust me.  People will come and take those unruly children off your hands."

    Awww...they aren't so much as unruly, (once I rise and they hear my voice) as they are just.....BOYS!  But you definitely have a good idea!  LOL

  7. Well, these were all great, and I think I enjoyed your comments to the gripes about as much as I enjoyed the gripes.

  8. This is the funniest thing EVER!  I've been cackling loudly reading each one, swigging a large can of Mt. Dew and generally been obnoxious all day!  Thank Goodness I already quit - or else they sooo would've fired me!