Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Run! Don't Walk...

Man.  I am getting the mileage out of this pic.    Yes.  You should run.  Run like starving zombies.  Run fast, and do not stop until you get to the latest edition of CarnivAOL

    Once there, put your feet up, grab something to drink, perhaps a few snacks, and devour the tasty goodness of Paul's latest offering as though you were a zombie chewing on your neighbor's head (yes.  It's that good.  Get a fork). 

     Now, for once, I can honestly say that I am not just telling you all about this because I have an entry in there.  Nope.  I honestly think this is one of the best editions of CarnivAOL to come out in quite some time.  They just keep getting progressively better and better, and I hope you spend the time perusing all the great entries, and when the next call goes forth, join in and make the Great White Northerner work.  After all, winter's coming, and I'm pretty sure that if you step outside (ootside) in a Canadian winter, your head explodes, and as everyone knows, that's not safe for zombies.  So, send in those submissions and let's do what we can to keep Paul inside. 




  1. Ah, there's nothing like getting some fresh head from your neighbour.

  2. Oh Paul.. you went there... I was going to send Dan an email and tell him he might want to reread that sentence...but ya know... it's too late now!  

    Yeah, as my hubby says, 'a little head a day keeps that divorce lawyer a way!'  LOL

    be well,