Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween Costumes...

   Now, this is a bit of a short entry today since I've got loads to do, but, as I'm out doing my stuff, I wanted to direct your attention to an entry by Brian at WFMU in which he directs our attention to a Retrocrush entry containing the Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time

    I've had some pretty lame costumes in my childhood.  But, had I ditched the standard Depression-Era hobo outfit for a Joanie Loves Chachi costume, I'd have been pummeled ten seconds after leaving the house.  For those of you who actually did have one of these costumes, well...  I feel your pain.  Hopefully, your parents bought you a big house and a nice car to make up for destroying your childhood. 



  1. Freakin' hilarious!!!!!
    I figure you can't go wrong with Zombie. And you can quickly weed out the necrophiliacs at the bar. (I should have taken names for the Viking Funeral. Damn!)
    Who the heck is Father Murphy?

  2. Before polical correctness was "invented" oh, and thank God that was just a mom made every single one of be Aunt Jemima for Halloween, even my brother.

  3. LOL... I had to wear a clown costume once... I cried the whole day.  My mother is still annoyed about it... she thought the costume was great.  I hated it and was afraid of clowns!

    be well,

  4. Steve Arturburn's mom once blew up a huge balloon.  Covered it with papier mache.  Popped the balloon and then he was an egg.  Third grade was a very good year.