Saturday, October 21, 2006


    Well, I ordered a Dell, and right now, it's sitting in a UPS warehouse just a few miles down the road and isn't scheduled to be delivered until Monday.  So, forgive me if I seem a little nuts.  I mean, I could walk over there and pick the damn thing up.  In fact, I'll be driving right past the place today on my way around town.  Gaaagh!  It's madness...  so close, yet so very far...

    Anyway, I didn't go too bonkers ordering the thing.  And, I'm actually kind of proud of myself for my restraint.  However, after I paid for my new notebook, I went back and did a little more shopping, and pretty quickly racked up a laptop with a price tag of around ten-grand.  And, for moment, I thought, You know?  If I wonder if I could live in the box they ship it in?  Do you think Dell would let me request a bigger box? 

    In the end, I wound up slapping that crazy puppy on my "wish list" just in case anyone out there has ten-grand burning a hole in their pocket, and a really weird urge to blow it all.

    Anyway, I've got five and a half years of junk to back-up and move.  It'll probably take most of the weekend to sort through everything and figure out what stays and what goes. 

    So, it's time to burn those CDs...  Yeehaa! 



  1. Dude!  You got a Dell!!  hee  Cool!!

    Happy moving and backing all that stuff up!!

    Huggies (or Depends, whichever)


  2. I hate UPS.  They manage to mangle every package they bring to our house. I hope they didn't play keep away with your Dell.

  3. congrats on the new puter.

  4. ggood luck wiht your Dell man!

  5. Wanted to stop by and give a big congrats for your Vivi nomination.  Good Luck!