Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's All Gone Monkey Now...

Here's me plagiarizing Shakespeare.   Yes.  I am still typing like a monkey at the moment.  Fortunately, I've got nothing to turn in for quite some time, and I can familiarize myself with the subtle differences between this keyboard and my old one.  It's weird that this would be such an issue, but considering that I've never taken a single typing class in my life, I suppose it's not such a stretch to understand how such a small change could turn me into an utterly dysfunctional wreck.  Trust me.  I've developed a whole new respect for temps in the short time spent plundering the unfamiliar keys of this sweet, little gizmo.

    Anyway, I got a very special comment from a very special lady in yesterday's entry.  I'm not going to tell you her name since she's in a sort of "stealth mode" as she bounces around teh internets looking for a safe place to keep her written thoughts and feelings from the unwanted eyes of her family.  

    I think that's something that plagues every writer at one time or another.  We pick and choose our words so as not to upset or alter the opinions of those closest to us, and it's tough to shake that sort of censorship.  My situation is kind of an odd one.  My parents have never read anything I've ever written, and though I have dumped off publications, invited them to readings, and even gave them tickets to my one and only play, they never took any sort of interest in that side of me.  And, as bad as it sounds, it's got certain perks.  For example, I can say things like, "the only thing keeping my dear, sweet mother from embarking on a boozed-up killing spree is the fact that no one's ever given her the sniper rifle she keeps hinting about every year when Christmas rolls around." 

    See?  Perks!    

    Anyway, earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to sit down and have a drink and a fascinating conversation with this very special, talented and outgoing woman.  And, I have to say, her smile is branded upon my brain, and I do hope you'll all swing by and give her blog a gander to watch her once again find her feet.  She's romantic, she's pragmatic, and she writes with such an ease that I am just plain jealous.



  1. I understand the dilema that writers face with self censoring.  At times, it is frustrating with all the funny stories in my head, my thoughts about my husband, and other musings that occur in my life that I can't write about.  Perhaps private is the way to go.  Nice entry.....


  2. You have to keep a public journal...your writing is too wonderful for the world to be deprived of, Dan. I stay private for a number of reasons, the most important being that I'm not good at that censoring thing. I think I have keyboard Turret's Syndrome. Yeah, it's my kegger and I'll git nekkid if I want to.
    Loooove yaaaa (hic)

  3. Thanks for the link Dan, I'll go take a look see. B.

  4. You are so lucky your family doesn't read your blog..  I unfortunately do.  I can't write any family secrets because my sister will read it and report it directly to the high mistress of drama--my mother.  Damn...  My sister REALLY hates me.  Julie :)  

  5. Dan?  Is this the beginning of a beautful relationship?  

    Hang in with the keyboard... took me a week!

    be well,

    ps.. I think it is sad for your parents that they don't see that part of you.  They are missing out.  You rock.

  6. Awe!  Thanks Dan.  :)

  7. Awww..  Shucks ma'am.  'tweren't nuthin.  


  8. Hello DP !!!! I am sure glad you have a journal here at J-Land. I think you are one terrific writer I must say. You write far better than me. I can NEVER put my thoughts together as perfectly as you do. I find that your entries are quite well written and you often have me looking at things as I never did before. Your journal is filled with lots of humor, wisdom and intelligence all wrapped in together in one amazing journal. So do keep writing and don't ever change !!!!!!!!

  9. I zipped over to her blog but my cataracts are ripening (I am 75) and I couldn't read her faint print, so I came back to your nice big black print.  You and John Scalzi in the same day suggesting we write a 50,000 word novel. I just visited his blog for the first time as recommended by Raven. I visited yours because you were nominated for Lord of the Blog. I can see why.  You are a lordly writer.  I don't know as I will vote for you, because I just met you today, but I will come back and read your journal.  You are funny and I like funny.  Besides I just quit my boyfriend today as I announced in my blog.  You can go there and find out all the gory details.  How old are you anyway.  I am sure not anywhere near close to 75 since you have had no children yet.  Well, you are safe.  Gerry  

  10. Thanks for the link.  Looks like a good read.