Thursday, October 26, 2006

Greatest License Plate Ever!

    Paul turned me onto the Pharyngula site a while back, and I find it to always be a fascinating, thought-provoking read with the occasional funny bits thrown in here and there.  I just can not stop laughing at this picture he snapped of a vanity plate.  It's just so disturbing...  so very, deliciously, disturbing...  Happy Halloween!

    For those who need a little background, here's a Wikipedia Entry on Cthulhu.



  1. ROFL!  Kids first!  Hahahahaaa...  priceless.

  2. Lovecraft is from Providence. I remember a few years ago when someone tried to dig him up. He isn't actually buried right next to his no worries for Lovecraft's bones. Anyway, the graverobber(s) dug quite a hole but then gave up.
    Or Cthulhu got 'em...Muah ha haaa.

  3. weird weird
    Hey Dan?
    I rescued a kid from being swallowed into the mall!(one year old walking away)
    only to have he mom say"huh?" then "ok?"
    and my family to scold me"hey you could get in trouble !"
    what is it all about Dan?argghhhh!