Monday, October 23, 2006

Paul Totally Stole My Idea...

Hurricane Threatens Mexico's Baja Peninsula - AOL News

    I saw this on the news, and the irony of it all just cracked me up.  A while back, I wrote about my disappointment over the really unambitious path of Hurricane Daniel, and, wouldn't you know it, Hurricane Paul apparently picked up on it and swiped my idea.  I suppose I have to say it, huh? 

    Anything I can do, Paul can do better (man..  it hurts to say it.  It kills me).

    Just remember to be nice to Mexico, Paul.  They're a member of NAFTA too, ya know?  And, some people around here really like their tequilla. 



  1. Are you calling me a blowhard?

  2. The nerve of that Paul to steal your ideas. heh heh

  3. so funny....well...hes a blowhard that I like...

    the next Hurricane is going to be named after me...its going to blow on destitute land..and I get to be a

  4. I'm checking out journals this morning who have won VIVI nominations.  Yours is very interesting.  I loved the article on flamingoeing.  It reminded me of highschool when we used to go toiletpapering, but flamingoeing is WAY classier and doesn't do damage, LOL.  Hey, it may even cause people to get exercise picking up all those flamingoes!  And the flamingoes are so cool looking.  And the victim gets a chance to choose their victim, LOL.  Sounds like harmless fun!

    Anyway, congrats on your VIVI nomination!