Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Even Naked, Cheeseheads Are Polite.

    This story was yanked off the Obscurestore site.  As reported in the Wausau Daily HeraldBarry E. Hadden was running around town naked and the following exchange ensued:

When the officer yelled, "Police, stop!," Hadden shouted back, "No, thanks!," and started running, according to the police report.

A police officer continued to chase Hadden, telling him he was about to be tackled. Hadden then replied, "That's OK, I'm fine!"

    Hey, officer?  Didn't you hear him?  He said that he's fine.  It's the summer month in Wausau, and I think if people want to exploit the warm weather before the booger-freezing, testicle-shattering cold sets in next week, you should let them.  This guy was probably naked because it was warm, and people up there really aren't used to warm.  It doesn't happen often, so he was most likely way over-dressed and forgot to layer. 


  1. Okay...   Dan...    

    whatever you say.. hee

    Naked with a smile :)


  2. Maybe he was hoping to be tackled by a male police officer...you know I'll just bet you some guys are attracted to them as well! ;-)

  3. I hope he remembered the sunscreen. Of course, one has to be carefull when applying it. ;)


  4. What is the World coming to, when you can't have a little streak down the High Street when the feeling takes you!?
    Were the police officers being ironic in using the term 'tackled'...here in sunny UK, your 'tackle' has a different meaning!! And not just fishing...
    love Phoenix

  5. Sir, please stop so I might shoot this taser into your fuzzy butt-cheeks and watch you shake violently and urinate yourself.


  6. Poor little polite streaker... it seems perfectly reasonable to me to do so in WI!!!  I have been there and MN in winter... which is basically 11 months out of the year, and DANG if it ain't cold!

    be well,

  7. Barry needs to move to L.A.   He could run around like that out here and hardly be noticed.  Tina    http://journals.aol.com/onemoretina/Ridealongwithme

  8. This reminds me of the naked white guy playing basketball and none of the other players would get near him...lol...Too bad Foley wasnt the cop...lol....or maybe hes the naked guy trying to make his last rounds before he has to deal with back end viewers in prison......LMAO........-Raven

  9. It was 3:00 in the morning. Who cares if some guy is running around the neighborhood naked? Oh and being tackled while naked really hurts, too.

  10. tenyearlap.... I'm a shopaholic, a tax payer and a wrestler ...I care....

  11. I always appreciate good manners in a person. Even streakers.......


  12. Nothing like manners and nudity.  They should go hand and foot.