Saturday, October 21, 2006

Plug Away!

   Okay...  My new laptop still hasn't arrived...  And, of course, I'm going batty because it's just down the bloody road from my house! 

    So, I have a bit of advice should any of you find yourselves moving any time soon.  Do NOT, under any circumstance, live within spitting distance of UPS.  You will just drive yourself crazy.  (And yes.  In case you are curious, I really am a handful at Christmas time too.)       

   Anyway, since I am sitting here killing time until I sign for my stuff on Monday sometime between the hours of 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM (Yeah.  You'd think they'd narrow it down a little, eh?), I figured I'd start a thread with one thing in mind:  Blogs. 

    Here's what I was thinking:

    1.)   In the comment thread, I want you to plug a blog and leave a link to that blog. 

    2.)   You can plug only one blog or journal, and it can't be your own if you have one. 

    3.)   Also (and here's the tricky part), it can't be a blog or journal that someone has already previously put in the comment thread.  And, I'm talking about the actual blog or journal titles and not the screen names they're under.  For example, you can plug one journal from Paul, and, since he's got more than one journal, someone else can post a different journal from Paul if they wish. 

    In other words, there can be no repeats in the names of the blogs and journals, so you've got to read the comments to see what people have posted, and be "original." 

    Anyway, the blog I want to plug is Barry's UK Blog, Waffle and Whinge

     I really like reading Barry's writing, and just a handful of sentences into any entry, and it becomes pretty clear that this UK postman has got a great talent for delivering words.  He's a nice guy, and I think that whenever anyone sends a postcard or letter to England, they should write "Hi Barry!" on there somewhere. 

    So, there ya have it.  Follow the directions, dig in your favorites folder and bookmarks and leave a link to the blog or journal in the comments.   Just remember, no repeats!  And, have fun!



  1. Hmm...well.. since you are so big on words.. I really had to search my sidebar to find one I thought YOU would enjoy.. it is:
    You may already read it.. but, if not.. I think you might enjoy him.  I've just started reading Fred (that's his name) and he does have a way with those words!

    Now.. I shall go and read about your postman! :)

    Hugs and...uh.. yeah.. all that stuff


  2. One of my favourite skeptical blogs:

  3. And you didn't pimp me? What the hell did that person promise to do to you that I didn't already say I'd do? I'm gonna have my daughter and all her little friends IM you to death!

  4. Hmmm. Here's my contribution -


  5. I was going to link ya to Fred but it looks like Jackie beat me to it!

    So i think im going to tell you about a UK blog from a fella that goes by the name of Brainwhispers.  

    The title of his journal is Words Fall Out and that they certainly do!  He is a nutter as they would say but he is also very kindhearted. His words deffinately just fall out!  You never know what to expect from him from one day to the next but you know one thing is for will always leave his journal with a smile on your face!

    ~Terry Ü

  6. Aww, thanks Dan, Praise indeed, coming, as it does, from such a talented writer.
    I'd like to point you in the direction of a wonderful journal I found just a couple of months after joining this eleite company. Unfortunately, there hasn't been an entry since March of this year which is a great loss. Nevertheless, if you read some of the previous entries I hope you'll enjoy it as much as me.
    Enjoy. B.

  7. I think Sara deserves to get a mention. I was going to say you'd probably get on well with her as she loves chocolate hobnob flapjacks but thinking about it you'd both probably end up fighting over them.

  8. Congrats on you ViVi nomination from a fellow nominee!
    Come visit me. :)
    Have a lovely day,
    for best graphics & for thought provoking:
    for best pets:
    for best single entry:

  9. Hi Dan,
    I think you should read Raven's blog: Rebuke the World. It is brilliant!

  10. Hello's a journal I think you will love.......The journal is titled " Missy and her Midgets" here is the link ------>

    Go by and say hello you will love this journal. You will find that its located on my journal page as well. What are you waiting for ?

  11. Hello, just stopping by to congratulate you on your Vivi nomination and to wish you the very best of luck.

  12. Dear Dan,
    uh.. you never said anything about homework!
    lol!now I ahve to come back again you Silly trickster!
    hugs your Buddy
    the Natster
    ps I almost put the Napster! lol

  13. Great idea, Dan...

    I pimp Bill:

    be well,


  15. Hm.. okay. Hi, by the way.

    Just a guy in FL who is into gaming and geek-stuff.


  16. I'm pimping Holly

    She is funny, writes about her life, love life but if your not really into personal stories(shame on those who arent)...What you will find are some killer quirky short stories...that crack me her short stories,,,she wrote this one called the Panic Button..and another one after that...and more..funny reads


  17. Hi !!!!!!!!

    I found a new journal tonight that I think you will like. The title of this journal is "Dreaming Through The Noise..."

    here is the link ----------
    Go over and give it a read. Tell me what you think ?
    Byyyye for now.

  18. Hey Dan ... I am plugging my buddy Jack's journal, because he never fails to make me laugh:    ... Tina

  19. i've been enjoying the posts on this one. Not sure how much of a secret it is, but it's fun.


  20. Is it too late to pimp another found her journal recently..politics and the news...I think she has an interesting blog going...

  21. okok well..Fred si writing some cool stories and how about if yoou guys read him here:
    and maybe the kite story and then your read Lori here:
    cool beans Dude!