Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hooray Toys!

    Well, yesterday I got my new laptop, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with it.  I didn't geek it out too crazy.  I just upgraded the memory and processor a smidge, and so far that whole Core Duo thing is pretty nifty.  At first, I didn't notice anything all that great about it, but once it sorted itself out, I tossed in a DVD, adjusted the window size, and then I started opening all sorts of programs and the thing didn't hang once.  Fun. 

    Other than that, I'm just trying to get used to the new keyboard.  It's kind of like driving a rental car right now, but hopefully I can retrain my brain to keep myself from banging an empty spot where the "end" key used to be. 

    Anyway, in other news, I put up the Vivi Nomination banners in my sidebar, and I linked them to the awards' page.  I like the nod for Most Humorous, but I'm not quite sure what to make of the Lord of the Blog thing.  I don't know if I get a fiefdom, or if I suddenly awake to a field of serfs digging in the mud demanding dental coverage.  Tee thinks I will have control over the weather should I be declared Lord, and I'm pretty sure Paul will probably demand that my existence is a complete illusion cooked up by a desperate population in search of some existential answers.  But, either way, it is quite flattering to actually find myself listed as a nominee in these categories.   I hope everyone can take a spin over to the Awards Page to check out all the nominated journals. 

    Let's see, I've got bunches of work and stuff to catch up on, but I haven't forgotten that I need to answer the "Man Law" questions, and I do need to list the blogs and journals you all pimped and plugged. 

    So, I'm off.  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.  Have fun and try not to make a mess of the place.  The maid's out sick, and the serfs just don't do well with cleaning. 



  1. Congrats!  I love my Dell laptop!  The keyboard does take a bit getting used to.

    If you have a chance... send Bloomberg and email...

    be well,

  2. "Lord Dan"...I like it. Better than Not-A-Lt. Dan, certainly.
    Can anyone vote on these VIV things? I'll give you a vote.

  3. Ha, well, I did suggest your journal to the powers that be, and wasn't sure how to categorize you.   Didn't even think you'd enjoy categorization.   One spot I suggested, and apparently many others did also, was for Lord of the Blog:)   Don't worry, I don't grovel in mud for dental care.   I don't clean fifedoms, either, so have all the cheese you want wherever you want it.  :)  -- Robin  

  4. Hi there! Jackie forwarded me your link & I am enjoying checking out your journal.  Where in WI do you live?  I am in MN on the WI border. Congrats on your VIVI nomination!!

    I'll be back soon-

  5. Oooo!  New computer.  :)

    You wanted to know, so I'm telling you, thereforesingle.wordpress.com

    I finally have it all set up...for the time being.  

  6. congratulations on the nomination!  See it really pays to have friends in high places! (j/k lol)