Thursday, October 19, 2006

And I Want a Pony, and Jessica Simpson's Chest, and a Nobel Prize....

Smokin'    Entertainment News- Lohan Wants to Marry Before Age 30 - AOL News

    Well, the gal's got goals, I guess. 

    NEW YORK (Oct. 18) - Lindsay Lohan  has a 10-year plan. "I want to get married before I'm 30," the 20-year-old actress says in In Style magazine's November issue, on newsstands Oct. 20. "And have my house. And make the kind of record I want. And I'd like to win an Oscar before then."

   Well, I'm not an expert, but a no-talent, drunken clod tarting it up with Kiera Knightley in a film about Dylan Thomas is probably not going to win the Oscar.  In fact, with Lohan's acting skills, I wouldn't be surprised if Thomas' corpse crawled from his grave and smashed a bottle of whiskey on the windshield of Lindsay's Mercedes on the opening night of this film. 



  1. I want my own house....I want to get married... I want weekly facials and professional massages...I want a house in the mountains to escape too six months out of the year...I want my kids happy....and I want....hmm..the ability to travel through time...I want great sex with my future guy.....and the last two are probably more like fiction but dreamers

    ..sorry to hear Lohan wants an Oscar...I cant even tell you who won and I watch it every year...I just remember the funny speeches....its probably the biggest hipe in the one really remembers...

  2. Lindsay . . . Britney . . . where did we go wrong?



  3. I thought she'd wish for a cure for herpes and warts.

  4. Don't be jealous!!  Julie

  5. That photo is a scream.  It reminds me of the woman with the cigarette in the circus and the guy with the whip is going to snatch it out of her mouth.  That's where I see her in 15 years.  Circus.  

  6. She looks horrible!  She's too skinny...and what is she doing?  Using her laptop as an ashtray??  The girl will look 50 by the time she's 30, if she doesn't take better care of herself.