Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Side Effects...

    Oy!  I'm an achy little munchkin.  I figure I was either playing in traffic last night, or I was assaulted by a collection of hammer-toting gnomes who beat me into a mushy mess while I lay sleeping and dreaming about many wonderful volleyball games with a group of Swedish swimsuit models. 

    The way I see it --and I don't know if Dawn can back me up on this or not-- I am suffering some really wicked bone aches as a result of the Remicade I've been taking so as to treat my really wicked bone aches.   So, to me, it's kind of like taking aspirin to treat a headache and winding up with, well, another headache. 

    Not to worry though.  This also happened last time I had my little infusion a few weeks ago, and it went away after a couple of days, but zounds!  It's freakin' annoying. 

    However, on the plus side, I got free pudding when I was at the hospital getting my infusion.  And, in my world, pudding is like beer.  It's so much tastier when it's free.  And, as I was sitting there in the Comfy Chair with an IV in my arm, one of the myriad of thoughts tripping through my head was that it would probably be incredibly delicious to eat my tasty Snack Pack of chocolate pudding with a strip of yummy, crispy bacon, rather than the pathetic plastic spoon they gave me.  After all, do any of you remember those cheese and cracker units we used to eat as kids? 

    Yeah.   How many of you just scooped up the cheese and ate it directly off the little red putty-knife only to save the crackers as a nice, after-cheese snack? 

    That's what I was aiming at with my bacon and chocolate pudding.  Unfortunately, the nurse balked at my idea and sternly refused to run up to the cafeteria to fetch me some strips of bacon.  Apparently, they have rules about those sorts of things.  Damn the man! 

    In other news, I did manage to lug myself to the barber to get a much needed shearing today.  A delightful woman named Tina had at this chaotic mess of wispy hair atop my noggin as I sat there listening to her tell me all about her twin teenage daughters, her biker boyfriend, and whether or not it hurt when one of her ten, heavy gold and silver rings banged against my skull as her scissors snipped above me.  And, for a moment, I wondered whether or not Delightful Tina had stepped away to be replaced by an oily lounge singer named Vic.  But, at $10, you get what you pay for. 

    Oh well... That's my day so far --pain, hair-loss and blunt force trauma to the head.  I think I need pudding... 



  1. Forget the cracker stick completely and the little red scooper outter . . .
    . . . finger
         . . . cheese
              . . .  empty tiny cup
                   . . . licking good time.

    mmm . . . damn it dan, all this talk about food is making me hungry.

    Amanda :)

  2. OUCH!  I hope you get un-achy real soon, Dan:)  -- Robin

  3. I hope you get to feeling better soon. That can't be fun.  Have you ever had a peanut butter and jelly and bacon sandwich? Someone I know used to eat them. I can't remember who it was. They're probably keeled over with a heart attack, or have stock in Lipitor. She kept smacking your head with her jewelry? Ouch. Well I hope you get a snack pack soon.

  4. Oh you poor little munchkin!
    SMOOCH...Feel better.

  5. Aha, that explains it. You've been going to that barber for some time I imagine, maybe all your life? See, all those bangs on the head, well, they take their toll.
    Hope your bones stop messing soon. B.

  6. You and your bacon!  Your entries tickle me!
    I hope you feel better...

    ~Terry Ü

  7. they still make those cheese and cracker things......Kraft handi-snax.....they also make them with breadsticks or with peanutbutter instead of cheese.  something i haven't seen in a long time is those little fluted glasses of baby shrimp in cocktail sauce with the snap-on lids.  my mom used to buy them for my dad for a snack and we kids would bug him for a taste.   mmmm......they prob didn't taste as good as my memory serves me.

  8. I remember the red sticks with the cheese and crackers so well.  I ate in the same order.  Cheese first.  Show us your new haircut please.  Chocolate fixes anything be it in pudding or a brownie.  Please feel better soon.  Bacon, uh, none for me thanks but I woulda ran and got you some had I been there.

  9. and bacon :)


  10. Dan,

    {{{gentle hugs}}}  Yeah, after the infusion you feel like shit for a day or two and then after that you feel good.  I don't know why it has to work that way... but it does.  It is much like chemo, first you feel yukcy then you get the good effects.  It does get a little better after your body adjusts... so hang in there.  But alway plan that the day of and the day after the infusion as hibernation time.  And, bacon is good.

    be well dear compatriot in illness,

  11. Ok I'n confused. Whats the infusion for? have to go buy Ambrosia from Mannatech...its 60 bucks, but its the best thing out just is,,,,Hope your feeling better Dan. -Raven

    The link below describes whats in Ambrosia, you have to goto to buy it...try it for one month,,,