Saturday, September 30, 2006


It's Steve Guttenberg Day!    Oh happy day! 

    As many of you may already know, today is the day we celebrate the gifted thespian Steve Guttenberg.  It's humanity's way of thanking him for his many generous contributions to the world of film and television.

    I know you're wondering how to show your love and gratitude for the man who brought us such wonderful delights as Don't Tell Her It's Me (1990), The Man Who Wasn't There (1983), and P.S. Your Cat Is Dead! (2002)But, fear not, dear friends!  All the information you need so as to properly pay homage to this curly-haired god of stage and screen can be found here.  All I ask is that you do it up right.  The Gutte deserves the best, after all.

    Now, on the odd chance that you've been dwelling in a cave that lacks any cable-TV access for the last thirty years and have no idea who Steve Guttenberg is, here's a website featuring random facts about the immortal Steve (who knew he likes Maury?).

     Enjoy this wonderful day! 



  1. I love Steve Guttenberg!  Always have!  Two of my very favorite movies that he was in were:  "Cocoon" and "Short Circuit."  I also liked "Three Men and a Baby!"  He is such a humble man.  I've heard him do interviews on TV and radio, and just think that he has a beautiful soul..

    Have a great weekend, Dan!


  2. I've always thought of Steve Guttenberg as "that *other* guy from Three Man And A Baby."

  3. I agree...3 Men & a Baby!

  4. I know who he is, but I just haven't seen many of his movies..and don't remember him being in some of the ones I have seen.  But I will celebrate him anyway!!!! I always like to celebrate something, so here's to STEVE!!

  5. Wasnt he in happy days....or Laverne and Shirley...?-Raven

  6. I think of Short Circuit and 3 Men and a Baby...  being the 80's goddess that I am.  Is he still alive?  lol

    be well,

  7. Didn't he play in Police Academy?

  8. so happy it's Steve Guttenberg day.


  9. Steve was the character in the movie "Cocoon" who had the motor launch that the aliens needed to rescue their "friends"

  10. Danke for the Gutte.  Tina