Thursday, September 28, 2006

Please Help Fix R8

Please Help Us Fix R8 :

    I'm actually using the "Blog about this entry" link on Jeff's Magic Smoke to create this entry.  I've never used that link, so I'm curious to see how it all works out.  If you have a journal, it seems pretty easy.

    Anyway, it seems the incorporation of Release #8 of the latest version of AOL Journals has not gone off as smoothly as hoped.  So, Journals' Editor Jeff and Product Manager Stephanie are asking people to post in the "beta" version of their journals and report any problems they encounter. 

    Getting to the beta version of your journals is very easy, actually.  Just type "beta." before the word "journals" in the URL so it looks like "// screen name/your journal name/" 

    Why am I doing this?  Well...  I was just looking for an excuse to use the "Blog about this entry" feature and potentially break more stuff. 

    Carry on, Citizens!



  1. Thanks for forwarding on the request for help, and a HUGE thanks for giving me the go ahead to go beat Jeff. I'm fairly non-violent (unless we're talking video games, in which case I'm a killer), but the recommendation will be given heavy thought. :D

    And yeah - my colorblindness (blue/green, technically) is really rare. I had a uncle who was fully colorblind..only saw shades of that's where it comes from. Women rarely end up fully colorblind, it's a male dominant trait, so I ended up at the half-way point. :)

  2. I read that title as "Please Help Fixerate." Which makes a sad sort of sense in this era of H4XX0R5 and R0XX0R5.

  3. Hail (or is it Hale?) to the Chief.

  4. I am lost.. I don't know what beta version is. I live a sheltered life and don't get out much, and obviously don't read about computer stuff much.