Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cool picture...

    I was backing up files and stuff a little while ago, and I stumbled upon a picture of Gus' handiwork I took when we were last off camping with friends.

    Who's Gus, you ask? 

    Well, Gus is the spider who lives in my Jeep.  Every night, he (or she) builds a new web in my car someplace.  Sometimes they're quite elaborate and pretty, and I think Gus does some of his best work on my steering wheel. 

    Unfortunately, I sometimes am forced to wipe them away in order to drive, and Gus scampers off to wherever it is in my Jeep that Gus calls home.  But, during the night, while I am snoozing and (hopefully) not driving, Gus comes out and builds all sorts of new webs for me to deal with in the morning.  It's kind of cool in a weird sort of way.



  1. Yes, cool and creepy all in one.


  2. Presents for you from the wild kingdom.  That is a very pretty picture indeed. Let Gus live there.  He's bringing you gifts every day in exchange for room and board.

  3. Gus's cousin Esther lives on my patio.  EVERY day she weaves an intricate, massive web across the entire opening of the sliding glass door.  I have experienced many a faceful of web.  Ewwww.

  4. Let's just hope that Gus doesn't get angry at you for knocking down his new house every day!  You better check under the steering will and hope he is waiting their to take a nip out of your nice plump fingers as they carress the steering wheel!  lol


  5. please suggest to gus that he stay in  your local. Wre he to venture to this small PA town, I'd be on a mission to crush him!


  6. That's one B-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-G spider to have created that size web on your Jeep. Are you sure you don't have Spider Man as your next door neighbor? Have you noticed maybe a little red-haired girl hanging around as well? ---angel

  7. What is the deal with spiders living in cars . . . I just happened to be driving to work one day, la-de-da-de-da, minding my own business when suddenly a spider came waltzing across my dash board. Freaked me out . . .

    I'm not a spider person . . . I smushed the little f***er, so like Charley said, you tell Gus to stay up there or I will be forced to let my cat eat him.

    Amanda :)

  8. While working in the Service Department of a Ford dealership last year, I had a woman bring her vehicle in to have a spider removed.  Unfortunately, we would have had to unassemble her entire dashboard to get to where she said the spider comes and goes.  I saw her a few days ago at the grocery store, and inquired about the spider.  The spider still lives in her vehicle. (or mayhaps one of his/her offspring....I'm not sure how long spiders live.)

  9. I like it:)
    Did you know, that if a spider has his/her web constantly torn down before being useful, that eventually their webs will have less effort put into them, they'll become less symmetrical and intricate and beautiful.   Obviously, Gus is enjoying his/her time there sufficiently:)   Webs are art.
    -- Robin

  10. I would have to sell my car... I hate spiders...

    be well,

  11. Are you sure it's not Charlotte's web?

  12. Okay, I am scared to death of spiders that spin that big, but I have to admit... that is really cool.

  13. :::shiver:::  That is creepy!  
    To me...spider webs are cool...but at a distance.  I dont know how many times i have walked thru a gate or into my backyard and have ran into a spiderweb! I look the fool running around waving my arms and spitting out web!  God knows where the spider is! Probably running down my back where i cant see it!  
    I remember when i was a teenager and i had gotten into my brothers car and there was this humoungolous black spider crawling across the dash board!  I jumped head first so fast out the window of that car that i didnt even give that spider a second chance to look at me with his six eyeballs.
    So yeah....spiders and me...not a good combo.

    Gus probably has a family up there in your Jeep.

    ~Terry Ü

  14. What a nice host you are.  I would be trying surprise visits to the truck to find him and smoosh him.  I don't want anything crawling up my leg while I am driving.