Tuesday, September 19, 2006




    Yarr!  Avast ye scurvy dogs!  I be thanking ye kindly for dragging yer briny carcass to this here log on this, the most auspicious of days for fellow freebooters.

    Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  And, be ye out on the briny or holed up in a land of lubbers, today we be releasin' our inner buccaneer upon those worthless buckets of rogue-hatin' chum.  And, if ye be findin' yerselves needin' a bit o' help, here's a list t' help ye bilge-rats on yer way:  How t' talk like a pirate.  And, if ye be needin' a more piratey name, go here, and if yer vessel be needin' t' be christened to fly the Jolly Roger, go here

    Today, I be Cap'n Pete Ropeburn, and me colors be wavin' from the masts of The Greedy Whore.  Arr-arr-arr... 

     Now, you worthless bilge-rats, grab yer grog n' hornpipes and be the best buccaneer ye can be! 

-Cap'n Pete     



  1. Great, I was going to use today to learn Esperanto.  Sigh. I guess I can learn Pirate today. Yarrrr! (Steve the Pirate has always been a little hot to me.)

  2. My little boy HATES this day because his insane mother gears up for it for a week (or more, I admit). Pirate Mom embarrasses the crap out of him. HAHAHAAAAArrrrrrrgh!
    He hates it when I call him Scurvy Boy.

  3. Please tell me pirate attire is NOT required.  I don't think I could wear an eye patch, since I can barely see with BOTH my eyes~!!  Jill

  4. arrr, i be a pirates delight with my sunken chest!  http://journals.aol.co.uk/cindytessier/cindi-loos-hoos/