Friday, September 29, 2006

Jesus Wants Your PIN.

At Church, an 'ATM for Jesus' - Los Angeles Times

    Oy!  Sometimes a church will do something that will just leave me laughing silly, and this whole notion of tithing via ATM cracks me up in ways I just can't explain.  Even better, the pastor mentioned in this article that if this ATM thing catches on, he would like to put credit card machines on the backs of pews so people can just keep giving and giving and giving. 

    Now, I'm not a Bible scholar by any stretch, but I do remember something about Jesus and money-changers and temples and such, and if I'm right, he really wasn't too fond of it. 



  1. Maybe Jesus just suffered from agoraphobia and was having a panic attack, but I to recall he trashed a marketplace. You know the Chritians have some sort of loan company. I keep getting e-mails from them. I wonder what the penality is for being delinquent on a payment or defaulting on the loan. I wonder if there's lions involved.

  2. I love this part: "...some members choose the kiosk because they can earn bonus airline miles when they charge their donations."
    Hee hee.

  3. I remember that too....  I don't think Jesus would approve...

    Jesus was all about the love, respect, and tolerance.... everyone forgets that.  

    Even pastors.

    be well,

  4. Its sad...crazy,,,and down right wrong! -Raven

  5. Oh MY LORD.

  6. There are always people and churches that will take things to the extreme and get caught up in the money ways of the world.  This is a little crazy if you ask me.

  7. I wonder if it allows withdrawals as well? B.