Saturday, September 23, 2006

Go Badgers!

Respect the Buck!Yes.  Run away!    Yes!  I am going to enjoy the next several hours devouring a huge plate of bacon while watching my beloved Badgers thrash the hopelessy overrated Michigan Wolverines. 

    If you're a Michigan fan, well...  I hate to tell you this, but your afternoon is going to be a long, sad, dreary one.  Neener neener... 

   In other words: Watch!  And behold the power of cheese! 


*UPDATE*  Well, wouldn't you know it?  I mean, there I was watching the Badgers whoop the Wolverines, and, all of a sudden, my cable went out, and, umm, err...  well...  then the locusts came, it started raining frogs, and things just went downhill from there.  That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.  Yup.  Locusts... 


  1. Maybe you should pass some of that magical cheese to your Badger hockey team. (neener neener)

  2. Well, we would, but we've got to let Minnesota win SOMETHING!  


  3. Am a Michigan fan from way back.  But the BADgers are pretty OK with me.
    Have a great day.  Hope you chickenfried that bacon.

  4. Don't ya just hate it when those Locusts do that !!!!!!!

  5. Oh wait--the Badger hockey guys are all LARGER than the Gophers. Maybe LESS cheese, eh?

  6. It's all strategy you know....Let them win now, beef up their confidence thinkin they are all high and Mighty.....makes for a riot of a hearty bacon and cheese smelled laugh when we Whip them next time! LOL!!  


  7. Hey DP.......I can't say that I understand football or any sport for that matter. Never having had a boyfriend I never seem to get into sports.

    It did rain here in Georgia but I love the smell of rain its amazing. Thanks for sharing this in your journal. Have a good one.

  8.'d that turn out for you?

    perhaps you should be glad the cable went out, friend.

  9. Locusts....I have no reason to doubt YOUR word, Dan.