Monday, September 18, 2006

Oh You Whacky Kids...

    I swear, I have no idea why kids run around putting me on their Buddy Lists.  It's a little weird, and sometimes I just get the strangest instant messages.  Take the following, for instance.  My IM-blocker thingy went "whoop" to let me know a stranger was trying to IM me.  Then, after a bit of time had passed, it began to go "whoop-whoop-whoop-whoopwhoopwhoopwhoop..." until I hit "ignore."  Then, when I decided to confront this pest after they changed their screen name, the real fun begins...

Sender:  Hey, what's ur problem?  I think I can report u

DPoem:  For what? Ignoring you?  You're a special kind of moron, aren't you? 

Sender:  Yes, I am.  lol  I'm special.  But I advise u to keep ur language, as in moron to a minimum because there r little kids right here

DPoem:  Why?  You ARE a moron.  Deal with it. 

Sender:  That was my friend.  U were on my buddy list and she was trying to find out who u were.  And I think YOU are the moron here.  I already told u to NOT say those words.  My daughter is right here.

DPoem:  I don't care.  If your friend wants to send me 100 IMs in a span of less than thirty seconds, I'm going to block the moron.  

Sender:  How old r u anyway?

DPoem:  Teach her some manners. 

Sender:  Ur a big asshole and I don;t think ur very nice.  Seriously, how old r u?

DPoem:  Not hard to learn manners.  And I do not enjoy being harrassed.   

Sender:  U live in the Adirondacks?


DPoem:  I didn't invite her nonsense you idiot.   

Sender:  Well, she didn;t know who u were

DPoem:  So if she doesn't know me, why is she IM-ing me?  And, perhaps you should keep better control of your children.

Sender:  You could have just said, "Please stop IMing me."

Sender:  She isn't my child

Sender:  I have one

Sender:  just makiing me kind of mad the way u would handle a situation like thius

DPoem:  Am I supposed to care? 

Sender:  Yes

Sender:  Very much

DPoem:  Why?   

Sender:  because

DPoem:  Tell your friends to leave me alone.   

Sender:  She is just a child and YOU need to leanr manners

DPoem:  Am I supposed to respond to every single person who tries to IM me more than 100 times in thirty seconds? 

Sender:  Well, they will.  it's not like u ever talk anyway

DPoem:  Some people might consider that a clue.

Sender:  No, but u could at least just say please stop IMingm me

Sender:  That could be nicer, says the one who wants other people to get manners

DPoem:  I don't really have time for this pointless conversation. 

Sender:  Yea, okay, that's great.  Don;t call me an idiot

DPoem:  Go smack your friend and stop being such a damn pest. 

Sender: I prolly have more wisdom then u

DPoem:  I doubt that very very much. 

Sender:  Sorry, but I'm not a bitch

DPoem:  Yes you are. 

Sender:  I don;t smack people

Sender:  No

Sender:  I'm not

Sender:  If u would take the chance and getto KNOW someone, mayb they wouldn;t seem as bad as u think they r

DPoem:  Maybe if they wouldn't IM me 100 times in thirty seconds, I wouldn't ignore them. 

Sender:  Oookay, well, if you had told them to STOP they would have

DPoem:  Why should I have to tell them to stop? 

Sender:  You know what, I coudl be mean and think of u as a bad person, but I am nice and know somewhere inside u r prolly a good person.  That I have top pester u?  R we 3 years old again?

Sender:  Well, if it';s such a problem to YOU, then you should tell them to stop?

DPoem:  Why can't I just block the idiots? 

Sender:  Because, you shouldn't assume

Sender:  You r ASSUMING I am an idiot

DPoem:  You're actually broadcasting the fact that you're an idiot.  I'm just agreeing with the display. 

Sender:  haha.;  Ur oh so funny.  But not amusing. 

DPoem:  How long am I required to talk to you? 

Sender:  And I am not an idiot.  You just think I am because u refuse to to get to know me and therefore you think I am an idiot because you don't really know me

DPoem:  I don't want to get to know you.  

Sender:  I don't know.  Technically you r not REQUIRED to talk to me. I was just wondering why you blocked me.  Well, I can see YOU have a social life.  MAKING FRIENDS helps your self esteem level.  You should learn that.  I'll ttyl and we can continue this conversation, mayb get u some manners

DPoem:  There isn't a snowball's chance in hell I'll talk to you again. 

    I know...  I'm mean.  What can I say?  I was grumpy that day. 



  1. LOL That's funny. I think you really should get to know that person.
    Have a good one.

  2. haha a man after my own heart. I used to get it with text msg's, told them my phone was being monitored by the police because of all the harrassing calls & texts - they soon stopped & owned up to who it was!!!

  3. Dear Poem Guy,
    Y won't u b mine friend? I prolly have more wisdom then u. I will share it with u, 2. Cuz I m a nice idjut.
    Pleez luv me back,
    Molly Moron

  4. Isn't that KS the same conversation I had with you at 3 AM this morning? I told ya Amanda doesn't live here. Stop calling my house, Dan. you wiener.

  5. ok, I'd say you were probably having a real bad day, lol. maybe I'll hold off on my IMing you and not add you to my buddy list just yet, lmao.  Love your journal by the way, I've popped in a few times under cover of darkness to read it, but haven't been brave enough to leave a comment til now, lol.  Sorry to hear in your last entry that old mother nature is letting you down, she's done it all year to us poor Welsh folk (we're the ones that become British according to the news, whenever we win anything, lol) as we seem to spend most of the year in a total downpour. Anyway enough essay writing from me, pop by my blog if your wondering what weirdo's leaving you comments, Sam xx

  6. Hmmm......I prolly won't be IMing you in the near future......or maybe I will......LOL............

  7. That's kind of scary that someone would IM you and they don't know you.  I want to trust everyone, but that's  impossible with all the crazies out there.  Starting a journal in J-land and making it public was quite a decision for me.  I'm glad I did, becuase the people are ALL so nice and friendly.  This story was the 1st I heard of harrassment.

  8. After this person changed to another screenname did you know who it was?
    Maybe ya just need to stop being so darn charming. Ü

    ~Terry Ü

  9. Dan... you are mean.. that was me trying to appear smart and not so idiotic.  Guess it didn't work eh??  Hmmmmmmmph!   Guess I will have to find some other way to harrass you!  ;p


  10. Every once in a while, I entertain one of these idiots for a while too. My ignore list probably contains a thousand screen names.

    Personally, I think you were more than kind.

  11. I must say I haven't had an idiot IM like that in a long time. What a moron.

  12. Block them and notify aol... idiots.... UGH!

    be well,

  13. Don't you have a heart??

    Sheesh, Dan. Can't you see this woman's child was standing nearly feet away and you used words like moron and idiot in front of them why she just calmly suggested you were and ass hole with them nearby?

    Clearly you were the one out of control!


    Amanda :)

  14. Don't feel bad..  By accident, I entered a chatroom called "Witchcraft".  I immediately left once I realized I was in there.  About 10 minutes later, I was Im'd by a warlock who wanted to "chat".  Lovely..  No thanks witchy man..  I had to block him and block him from my emails..  I saw his picture in his profile---SCARY!!!  I was haunted all night thinking he may cast a spell on me!!  You never know who is out careful!  Julie

  15. Oh man that is fine! What is there problem!? I'd report them.  Teens are such a pain. Be careful too...could be some cop trying to see if you would talk.