Friday, November 16, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Funky, Funky Gallo!

Here's some more music madness since I'm plowing around YouTube today. By the way, "chi-chi-chi-richi" (pronounced "chee-chee-chee-reechee") is sort of the Italian translation of cock-a-doodle-do.

I love Zucchero. The guy's put together some pretty damn amazing music over the years. For example, I think I've long established (well, established since 1990-something) that, should the fateful day come where I find myself ever getting married, I'm pretty certain his song "Cosi Celeste" will be playing at some point during that fiasco (here's the official video for the tune, but I like his version with Pavarotti a little better). Then again, maybe "Pane e Sale" or "Menta e Rosmarino." I suppose even "Miserere" would work. (Unfortunately, I can't find the song "My Love" anywhere, but if you can dig it up, it's worth listening to as well.)

The funny thing is, I don't speak Italian well enough to really understand a damn thing, but, as a music teacher of mine once pointed out ages ago, sometimes not understanding the language in which they're singing makes it considerably easier to appreciate not only their voice as an instrument, but how it fits into the music as a whole. Unfortunately, the song in the video above is not a testament to that. But hey! It's fun, at least.


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  1. Go to Bob Sinclair on You Tube and look for Champs Elisey (sp?) Now that is what I call music! Ok so a bit repetative at first, but when those violins kick in......... YOWZER! Bring back Disco!!!! This is one of the hottest tracks in the UK club circuit at the moment.
    Let me know what you think.


  2. PS, I forgot to say, that was awsum!

  3. I Loved it!!! Made me want to get up and dance! Awesome