Friday, November 30, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Exploding Neo-Cons?

I'm watching the news right now, and apparently, some nut with a bomb strapped to himself has taken hostages at Hillary Clinton's campaign office in New Hampshire...

Don't worry, I'm currently bored enough to waste time over some deranged, damaged lunatic. Hopefully, however, no one other than the freak lugging the explosives will get hurt. So far, my guess is that this man is either one of Hillary's many jilted lovers, or, most likely, a typically unhinged neo-con who bought into the deceptive McCarthy-esque rhetoric of Right-Wing pundits who brand the poor woman any number of vile, untrue things from Communist to baby killer.

Now, like Hillary or not, no one really deserves to be the victim of a terrorist, and yes. There is a part of me that really, really wants to point a finger squarely at FoxNews and the pseudo-Christians and say, "you've done this." However, obviously, much more information needs to come in before anyone can make that accusation. Plus, let's face it, the jilted lover angle could get a lot of play.

Still, who else other than a religious loon would strap a bomb to his or her chest?

This is not what normal people do. "Normal" people hang out on the internet reading blogs and message boards while laughing and saying things about killing Liberals and atheists.

As for me, I just hope some sniper puts a slug through this terrorist's vacuous little brainspace before he kills someone with his insanity.

Personally, I'd be a lousy hostage. There's a bit of a self-destructive side to me, and if it was just me and the crazy person, I'd probably spin myself into full smart-ass mode.

"Push the button, ya freak!"
"No. I need to spread my message."
"You think anyone cares about your message? Spread your liver on that wall over there."
"But, people need to know."
"No they don't. Trust me. They will forget about you by the end of the weekend."
"Why are you so mean?"
"I'm not the one with the bomb, asshole."

Yeah... Self-preservation has never been my strong point.

Oh hey! Speaking of FoxNews, I just danced my little channel changer over to that station, and they are saying that sharp-shooters are on the roof of the building in which the hostage take is.

Yeah. ON the roof. Directly beneath them are several layers of steel, wood, concrete and shag carpet.

I'm not an expert with guns and whatnots, but I'm pretty sure that standing on the roof of the building in which the person is hiding is not going to give you many clear shots.

Good news. The hostage taker has released a woman and, what I'm being lead to believe, her young daughter.

Way to go, buddy. Score those points.

Of course, this still isn't going to end very well for you.

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