Monday, February 19, 2007

Well, This Explains a Lot...

Be Afraid!

    I figure since Editor Joe wrote a nifty piece about the new radiation warning symbol, and since I found a blurb about it recently on BoingBoing, I got to thinking that I should scribble a little blurb about my interpretation of this spankin' new symbol. 

    It's pretty simple, really.  When you fear death by radiation, you run to the Right.  In other words, if you fear all those "nuke-you-lar wepins" that our marble-mouthed president incessantly evokes anytime some poor sod is dumb enough to put a microphone in front of his beady-eyed little face, you will run screaming to his side of the aisle demanding to be kept safe. 

    Yes.  If you willingly swallow the daily spoon-feeding of fear, then I suppose this sign speaks to you.  After all, in our polemic little society, the rhetoric usually states that the Left is a straight route to death, and the Right is the path to safety and freedom. 

    Of course, I'm certainly reading too far into the subtext of this little glyph.  But, in my defense, I just woke up. 



  1. Dan,

    I didn't see the political significance until your entry... thank you!  However humorous... makes you wonder, huh.

    be well,

  2. You just woke up and your thinking this heavily????Oh you poor, poor soul. You need something to lighten up you day. By this symbol I take it to mean watch out for the radiation eating all the molecules of your brain early in the morning. Maybe watch some Barney for awhile, ummm scratch that that I love you song will burn out your brain just as fast LOL!! (Hugs) Indigo

  3. Yup, you nailed that one!
    G ;-)