Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Travel Meme!

    Here's a swift, little meme I swiped from Dawn.  It's about one of my favorite things to do: travel.  So, obviously, I had to jump on the meme bandwagon and fill this puppy out!

1. What is the one place take out-of-town guests when they visit? (you can be vague to preserve your anonymity if you like)
This pretty much depends on the time of year.  In summer, here in Milwaukee, there are more festivals than you can shake a stick at, and I tend to subject out-of-towners and sundry tourists to the raucous, beer-swilling, sausage eating festival madness. 

    If, for some strange reason, they visit in the dead of winter, I just lock the doors and tell them to stay the hell away from me until the thermometer reads at least sixty degrees. 

2. When visiting another city or town, do you try to cram as much in as possible, or take it slow and easy?
Do I strike you as the type of person who would have a frantic sort of vacation?  The last time a friend and I went to Vegas, we spent an entire day just running up a $300 bar-tab reading books at the poolside. 

3. When traveling, where are you most likely to be; strolling through a museum, checking out the local shopping, or doing something else?
I figure the easiest way to get to know a town and its people is to hang out in its museums and bars and restaurants.     

4. Do you like organized tours and/or carefully planned itineraries, or would you rather 'wing it' and just see what happens?
I'm definitely one to wing it.  I hate organized tours.  I just don't like people telling me what to do, where to go, when to eat and all that other nonsense.  Seriously, just drop me in a town, and let me get to know the locals and figure my own way out. 

5. After a trip, what do you find yourself craving most about home?
There really are so many things, I think.  There's my shower, my bed, my yard, my kitchen, my TV, etc..  All those little things I use on a daily basis that make it so hard to leave in the first place, are the things I miss the most.

    Well, there you have it.  Feel free to take part in Dawn's travel-based meme, and be sure to leave a link at her blog letting her know. 


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  1. what? no polar bear club adventures for your guests??

  2. Yay!  You did it!  Thank you!  I liked your answers... and I will not visit Milwaukee in the winter... Got it!  lol

    be well,

  3. This was fun to read!

  4. I did it :]
    Thanks for sharing, Dan!
    I loved this one!

  5. very sweet..ah! I love a bookaholic by the pool
    ;) :)

  6. Answers I kind of guessed from you.  I would like to take part in this. But do I have time?