Thursday, February 15, 2007

Active? Me?!?

Be Active.  B-E Active!
    Now, I don't know if I can get behind this product.  However, it does have my name on it, but obviously, it just doesn't speak to me.  The whole notion of an active Dan seems wildly foreign.  I am not an active Dan.  I'm a lazy Dan.  I'm a Dan who will make a pizza, crack open a beer, lie on the couch and watch TV for one, two, or thirty hours.  I am an Inactive Dan, and I am happy that way.

    Now, I know you're saying, "But, Inactive Dan?  How can you say that?  This stuff boosts your immune system by packing your digestive tract with blueberry, strawberry or vanilla flavored L. casei bacteria.  It's yummy!"

    Thanks, but no.  Inactive Dan already has a rather excited immune system and actually takes immune-suppressants to keep things from going nutty, crazy bonkers.  Drinking this bottle of madness would be like throwing gasoline on an already raging fire.   And, if Inactive Dan were a little ambitious, he'd probably see this product's website as a skeptic's shooting gallery for no other reason than the ubiquitous statement "Clinically proven to [insert desired event here]." 

    Nonetheless, I do wonder if this is at all effective, or if it's just another one of those wildly researched snake oils medical breakthroughs like Head-On (apply directly to the forehead).  I'll let you decide.  But, if you do try it and never get sick again, let me know.



  1. Test comment to see if I can leave comments, since I don't feel particularly strongly about yogurt. -- Joe

  2. Test comment from standalone IE -- Joe

  3. AOL 9.0 Safety & Security Edition Comment test. If this goes, that's 3 for 3 and you may just be cursed. -- Joe

  4. LOL... yes, you and I, our immune systems are psychotic active, attacking our own damn body rather than anything it should!  I avoid this stuff too, like the plaque... since well, taking the immunosuppressants guarantees that plaque will kill me.  LOL

    Head on... Every night when we have family time with our kids and watch Wheel of Fortune, we all laugh at the stupidity of Head On.  

    be well,

  5. We have the same product in the UK, it's called Actimel by the same company. Guess what? It don't work here either, lolol. It's also FULL of suger to keep the cultures alive.
    The research done here says you need to drink about 60 litres a day to have any effect. All that happens is, you shit through the eye of a needle! lololol
    G ;-)

  6. I havent had this before.....although I have tried the yogurt drinks they offer.
    Ugh!!!! Gag reflex...............ewwwwwwww if you want to drink something that tastes similiar to the back wash you get in your throat after throwing up. Go for it!!
    And may what ever deity you worship look after you there after. (Hugs) Indigo

  7. It is just kefir but with lots of added sugar and crap. I have no idea what "Head On" is but an active Dan brings to mind a vision of Dan walking off the tennis court in white shorts and a sweater draped preppy-like over his shoulders. Ugh. Get back in your jammies, Dan!--Cin

  8. Well Activia is recommended by docs but then they actually want you to have more & can take tabs. This one have to check out but if InActive Dan is eating that junk...he will be a very Inactive Dan including immune & cholesterol etc in the very near future! Wait until you hit your 40s & your body can't take that anymore! What we can do in our 20s & 30s is just not the same & it eventually catches up with us & says "I've had it buddy" now you get it!

  9. But, are you good for MY immune system?! :)   Yep, had this stuff.  It has helped.  -- Robin