Thursday, February 15, 2007


    How hard-core am I, you're wondering?

    Well, it's three-freaking degrees outside with a wind-chill of ten-below, and I am watching a show on the history of ice.  Yes.  I'm watching cold, wet, miserable people demonstrate the myriad of uses for the magical product that is frozen water.  My coffee has grown cold, and I'm still not anywhere near offing myself out of sheer frustration that this world is turning into a glacier.  No, I won't do myself in simply because, from what I've been able to gather, I understand that a person gets cold when they die.  On TV and in the movies, a dying person's last words usually start with a shiver and the proclamation "I'm so cold."  Why would I want that in the dead of winter?  It's better to wait until summer when I'm happier and warmer.

    So far, the only really neat thing about this show is their mention of the fact that ice floats.  Fascinating.  And, if you think about it, if ice didn't float, the world would be one hell of a screwed up place.  It's the fish I worry about most.  Fish would suffer a horrible demise of being crushed, and when the spring thaw eventually rolled around, they'd start popping to the surface like bubbles in a bathtub.

    Now, in totally unrelated news, I suppose I should mention that tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the madness that is this journal.  For the last, umm, ten minutes, I've been trying think of a way of making the day special for this odd little collection of weirdly-written words and whatnots.  It's not been easy.  It's only a year old and hasn't even learned to walk yet.  In fact, in going over some of the past entries, it's clear that it's not even close to being potty trained yet.  There's crap everywhere.  The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind is not entirely unlike a cage filled with drunken poo-flinging chimpanzees, two very strange cats, and some guy sitting in the middle of it all trying to write a novel. 

    Anyway, getting back on track here, tomorrow, I was thinking of writing about those Journals Editors who, on those days like today where I can't think of a damn thing to write about, have made writing here possible.  They're largely unsung, and since there's really no Journals Editor Appreciation Day, I figured that this weekend should be a good time to write about a few of those folks who have given us tips, pointers and whatnots.  Then, I got to thinking that it would be a heck of a lot more fun if you all joined in and wrote an entry to rant, rave or roast your favorite Journal Editor.

    So, what do you all think?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Has my brain finally frozen to a halt?  Care to take a little moment sometime this weekend to pick on these folks who do such a good job to keep this place running?  You can pick one, or you can pick them all. 

    The way I see this working is something akin to Scalzi's Weekend Assignments where you write a little something and leave a link here, and on Monday, February 19th, I'll post a little run down of all your rants, raves and whatnots on a day that I'll call Editor Appreciation Day (though, I normally don't appreciate editors, but these editors are different editors, so it's all good).  

    Does that sound like fun to you? 

    The only rule I can think of is just don't be TOO mean. 



  1. Happy one year anniversary Dan.  Stay warm and safe!

  2. Dan, congrats on your first year. Seems I must have started with your first. I have enjoyed your sometimes demented posts. Keep it up,Bill

  3. What a cute idea!  I loooove Joe!  He rocks!

    Happy Anniversary Dan!

    be well,

    ps... your journal is AWESOME!

  4. Hey Dan, I saw your blog on Cins, so aint long been reading. It's great Happy Anniversary mate!

  5. Dan, we enjoy your poo-flinging chimpanzees ... keep on cheesin the words out dude.  :)  happy anniversary.

  6. K, you did say your anniversary was tomorrow didnt you? Hmm thought so, I'll save my condolences for then (winks). I love you and your witty poop flinging chimpanzees. They make life interesting to say the least. You sound a bit down and out here know where to find me should you need to talk. About  editors......ummm who are they? I've only been around since Dec. so just point me in their direction and I'll pimp away, the more readers the merrier, or insane whichever category you fall in. (Hugs) Love Ya Chimp, Indigo

  7. Just found you... but I find you an interesting read... congrats on the year!

  8. Congrats on the year!!! I know I am a bit late, but..... I found you through JOe's blog Magic Smoke. Tawnya