Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just Shoot Me!

    Oh my freaking goodness!  My paws are in utter, screaming, brain-shredding pain right now.  It's like a little, fat bastard in tap shoes decided to dance upon my knuckles. 

    The thing is, it was an absolutely gorgeous day here today.  The temperature jumped up to fifty-ish degrees, the sun was shining, and the wind was calm.  For all intents and purposes, it was a perfect reminder that spring was not only in the air, but it's definitely something worth hanging around waiting for. 

    Spring in Wisconsin is unlike any place I've ever been.  It's fun.  Taverns open their doors, people crawl out of their dank houses to taste the air, and I laugh at the melting snow (sometimes I even unzip the trousers and help it along a little).

    Unfortunately, during the day, all that snow melts to my delight.  Then, as the sun starts to descend into the West, that melted snow turns into a very chilly dampness that settles into my bones and makes me think that if I had an axe, a hell of a lot of band-aids, and the weird ability to type 80-90 words per minute with my nose, I'd bid farewell to these painful little digits.  But, I'm afraid I'm stuck with the squawking things.  Arrrgh!
    Anyway, right now I am debating whether or not to slam down a pain killer or a big, happy glass of whiskey.  The pain killer works wonders, but considering I have to be somewhere tonight where I will most likely be having bunches of wine, if I am to make it home in one reasonable piece, it's probably best not to mix alcohol and opiates. 

    As for the whiskey, well, considering the only thing I've eaten today is almost half a dozen jelly-donuts and a handful of bacon, I think the whiskey would just tear through that and send me into some sort of odd, drunken, twitchy sugar rush.  By the way, you'd think it would be bad, but my god!  If you're riding the big, shiny bus into glutton town, I strongly suggest you mix your pastry and bacon.  Outstanding! 

    Oh well.  I do have my hot-wax thing.  But, unfortunately, I turned it off, and it has since seized into a rock-solid glacier of chilled paraffin, and if I turned it on now, I'll probably be home and in bed by the time it's melted enough to use.  So, yes.  I am dumb.  I should really plan ahead.

    Okay...  I figure I've whined enough, huh? 

    Personally, as nice as my plans are for tonight, there is still a big part of me that would just like to curl up and gawk at the TV (speaking of which, did anyone catch Stan Lee on Heroes last night?  That was teh awesomez!!!1!).  Is there anything good on tonight?  And, am I the only one who's just a little geeked out about the fact that my favorite nouveau-hippie Dave Matthews is going to be on an episode of House

    Well, I'm off to grumble and complain to DogCat who's grumbling and complaining to me about the distinct lack of variety in his cat food buffet. 


  1. I hope you feel well enough later to enjoy your night out.  Sorry you're hurting.

  2. You should not stay in and watch things like House.   Get out of your house!   Besides, that hot wax thing sounds nice.   Would it be warm enough by, say, morning?????   Sorry you're in pain.   Even in an otherwise nice day.  -- Robin

  3. Oh Dan {{{{{ gentle hugs }}}}}  I hear your pain and know it well.  I hope you get home tonight and are able to sleep with the sore mitts.  Ugh.... mine hurt too...

    be well,

  4. Gee Danny

    Gee Danny :(:( It sounded so good until the ain got worse! i hope you feel better tomorrow! hugs,nat

  5. Sorry you've been in so much pain. I can relate.  I never thought about hot wax. Am  not sure how it would effect neuropathy pain. N E way, I hope you are home safe, sound and warm, feeling better. We are going to be in the 70s here in west texas. Unfortunately when the Spring air warms it also blows. And there's no cotton up in the fields in the Spring and the sand storms start.  I need a nap. LOL
    Have a good rest of your week. Take care of your digits. We need our daily dose of Dan dont cha know?
    Take care,

  6. Hello. I have to report that I have a doctor's appointment today at 3:00 p.m. which I am sure the doctor will tell me I have to go on a diet which I can say will be yucky to hear. It rained in my neck of the woods earlier this morning but now the rain is gone and it looks like its going to be a very pretty day. I wish I was there in Wisconsin to visit one of your Taverns where you are. We didn't get any snow here. You should try some Bailey's Irish Cream with some coffee its wonderful. I went to McDonald's today and got 2 Filet of Fish sandwiches and a biggie size fry which I'm sure wasn't good for me but I enjoyed all of my meal. I am sad to report that I am NO longer watching House one of the episodes made me feel like there wasn't anything on House left to watch so now I'm into the Gilmore Girls and Wildfire and Bones with my favorite actor David Boreanaz. Thanks for sharing this entry with us. Do take care.

  7. I love the hot wax thingy. Mmmm....Feel better!
    Drink up...so you can help the snow melting process on your way home. --Cin

  8. I saw Stan Lee on Heroes and jumped up and down in my blanket cocoon on the couch - which was really just a small hop - but still - how cool!  I'm addicted to that show, by the way, I love it!

  9. I can sympathsize hon!!! Sigh!! I had to put my braces back on my wrist today, because my hands and fingers , decided either that or they were going to make me pay dearly . It'a  a major pain in the ass to type with cyber arms!! (Hugs)

  10. Eat some more donuts and grab that whisky bottle!