Tuesday, February 13, 2007

P-Funk is My New Hero...

    How this guy manages to keep his cool is beyond me.  I wouldn't have lasted very long with the relentless hectoring of the silly, fundamental, pseudo-Christians.  That level of badgering would drive me to just slap someone. 

    However, it's really amazing to see the unstoppable force of rational free-thought collide with immovable object that is blind, stubborn faith.  It's fascinating to see the open-mind meet the closed.  And, I imagine had P-funk not had somewhere better to be (like getting his tooth pulled or whatnots), he'd have seriously burned their minds with a cool, reserved seminar on humanity that is not based solely upon an archaic, unprovable mythology. 

    Aside from that, I think P-Funk seriously needs to drive from now on to save him from having to undergo this level of sheer madness again and again. 

     Reason wins again.



  1. Religion, the root of all evil!

  2. P-Funk smoked those dudes! They were pathetic...they couldn't sell a car to anyone! HA! Dang, but if this doesn't look like a great tv reality show...how about some debate show on topics like this. You can just use everyday people rather than scientists! HA! Unfortunately, we all know who would probably get the most time on the tube...the idiots & there would be people who would believe them.

  3. experience tells me to keep quiet here...  :o)  

  4. Fundamentalism is bad... in any form.  Acceptance and tolerance is a must... and so lacking.

    be well,

  5. Hah! Maybe they should try selling timeshare instead. They'd be just as irritating and, probably, just as useless at it. B.

  6. Listening to the brainwashed selling religion on the street, or anywhere else, just makes me uncomfortable. Religion is like junk mail. If you send out ten million pieces of junk, one person may buy what you are selling and then go sell it to their friends and family. Scary. --Cin