Thursday, February 22, 2007

Poor Conservatives.

    Now, I'm not sure if this is a farcical site or not, but apparently, some brainwashed, pseudo-Christian, imitation patriots out there were "fed up" with the supposed "anti-American, anti-Christian" bias in Wikipedia, so they rubbed their shiny heads together and came up with Conservapedia

    Unfortunately, the bulk of their entries look as though they were created by cobbling together the book reports of a Second Grade Remedial Reading class.  But, lucky for you, it's absolutely hilarious and ridiculously biased. 

    For example, here's what they have to say about Atheism:

Atheism is the disbelief in the existence of any supernatural deity. This disbelief can take a number of forms, such as the assertion that deities do not exist or the absence of any belief in any deity.

Stalin and Richard Dawkins are prominent atheists. Dawkins wrote a book, called "The God Delusion" which supposedly disproves Christianity. However, most critics did not like Dawkins' book, and Stalin is now dead, having killed millions of people in the name of atheism.

    See?  Madness, huh?   That's the entire entry.  The ending really just cracks me up.  I am impressed by their complete and total lack of attention to detail.  With just a quick spin over to the "godless bastards" at Wikipedia, you can see a much more unbiased and informative article on atheism

    However, since stumbling upon this site via P.Z. Myers' Pharyngula, I've spent a bunch of time just hitting the Random Page link on the Conservapedia main page.  It's a hell of a lot of fun and a really wild ride on the short bus into Silly Town. 

    I mean, let's look at what they have to say about Paganism:

A pagan is someone who beleives in false gods. The First Commandment is, Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.

Most pagans are ancient, like the Greeks and Romans, but there are also modern pagans like witches and Muslims, who do not beleive in Jesus.

    Nope.  Not much bias there, huh?

    Nonetheless, if this is a legitimate attempt to create an "unbiased" Conservative encyclopedia, I truly feel sorry for some of these folks.  The promotion of such blatant stupidity and ignorance is not a good thing for a culture.  How are we supposed to advance as a species so long as we cling to such a stone-headed, myopic ideology? 

(update)   I just looked up their entry on Patriotism and found this:
Patriotism, or love of country, is the highest American virtue. Patriotism means unquestioning obedience and loyalty to the Leader of the country. The opposite of patriotism, treason, is the act of questioning, criticizing or voting against the Leader.
    These people are nuttier than a box of squirrel turds.  No wonder our nation is so bloody screwed.  This is a complete embarrassment.

(update II)    It just gets sillier and sillier.  Under the entry for Homeschooling, they list Jesus Christ as a famous homeschooled Christian. 



  1. Even as a Christian, I find this new site lame and unnecessary, at least, from my use as a parent (homework help) with Wikipedia, which has appeared neutral and factual to me albeit I haven't checked out all of their entries, and based upon what you've shown here about Conservapedia.   I see no need for a resource site to be anything but neutral and have detailed, factual information.   I can't imagine this being considered a reliable source for homework purposes.   Some people appear to cut off their nose to spite their face.  -- Robin

  2. Ahhh, but Dan, free speech/press is one of the basic tenets that our country is built on.  So, the wackos get to stay and spout their stupidity because they can and that is beautiful.  

    be well,

  3. The real trouble isn't whether or not the site is legit or a send up. The real trouble is that some people will take it as gospel no matter what. B.

  4. Oh.  I'm not looking to criticize their freedom of speech, per se.  They have every right to say what they wish, just as I have every right to point out what a bunch of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, libelous dickwads they are.  

    However, the thing I think we'll see somewhere down the line is the seeping in of reality and truth-based, objective content which will turn this site into an exact replica of Wikipedia.  

    In fact, it's already happening as people look upon this comedic farce and edit the entries accordingly.  Several of them have been edited to reflect at least a little of what we see in reality.  


  5. I love Pharyngula; PZ finds the best stuff on the web. That last line on "atheism" is a hoot. Of course, we'll won't be laughing so hard when they are burning out atheist, treasonous butts at the stake. Both silly and scary going on here.--Cin

  6. I'd gladly burn at the stake if the option means living in a society ruled by these fools.  


  7. I am a Christian, and I think that's just too stupid for words!

  8. I prefer the "Live to fight another day" way of thinking myself, Dan. Retreat, regroup, reload.--Cin

  9. Thank goodness people are not taking the site seriously and are editing it.  I know you are just amazed at their stupidity, Dan.  

    I have actually seen tee shirts that say 'Jesus was homeschooled'  DUH.

    be well,

  10. Well, Dawn, I have no doubt Jesus was homeschooled.  The thing that bothers me is when people say that Jesus was a homeschooled Christian.  The fact is, Jesus wasn't a Christian.  

    I really have nothing against homeschooling.  I actually admire parents who have the patience to homeschool their kids.  I honestly wouldn't know where to begin when it comes to teaching kids.  But, there is a big difference between homeschooling and outright indoctrination.  And, unfortunately, a lot of people take the easy way out and use the Bible to teach their kids.  


  11. Ummm, I doubt that Jesus was homeschooled for long. If he was a Pharisee, then his schooling was extensive and he DID NOT take the Bible literally. Everything was up for debate.

    See how far we've sunk? Fundamental folks seem to think that NOTHING is to be discussed and debated...that everyone should blindly follow a few pushy guys and wave one flag.

    I'd rather drink Weasel Coffee.--Cin

  12. True... homeschooling is not the problem.  And, few Christians actually get the fact that Jesus was a jew.  Sad.

    be well,

  13. And I thought the Brits were nuts, I am so glad we aint so hung up on religion as some of our over sees friends! Dan, I think you should be President and sort this load of clap trap out.
    Dans our man. vote for dan!
    G ;-)

  14. omggggggggggg those conservapedia's are just spreading lies and hatred. so much for "christianity" at its best!  that encyclopedia must have been written as a joke of some sorts, right?

    ummmm in the 2nd one, about pagans, uhhhhh the first commandment was not given by jesus, it was given by Elohim, to Moses, who was, a jew, not a christian, as they didnt exist back

    as for equating witches with muslims, that is just plain mean.

    and they have TOTALLY misinterpreted Treason, and i take offense to that definition!!!!! ....the dixie chicks would agree with me no doubt!!

    anywayssssssss, sheesh! i'd hate to see someone giving a child that biased lyin peice of trash as an encyclopedia! i hope its a jokester peice of crap and not believed by any as truths!


    ur right, they are nuttier than a box of squirrel turds. and more stupid too!



  15. funny how "freedom of speech" means nothing to a liberal blogger unless someone starts talking shit about you...

  16. I've given your odd, little comment some thought, Probei, and I've come to the conclusion that you've entirely missed the boat.  

    First, explain to me how this is either a Liberal or Conservative issue?

    Then, explain to me how this is a freedom of speech, issue?  

    Could it be that you've just gotten too used to the knee-jerk, paranoid ramblings of the talking heads who feed you your opinions rather than allow you to create them on your own?  

    Personally, this issue is about the verifiable truth and legitimate facts as opposed to the uneducated, fraudulent and misguided ramblings of fearful pseudo-Christians with a self-imposed persecution complex.  The fact that they are trying to pass their gobbledygook off as genuine scholarship is embarrassing to the point where I feel sorry for them.  

    Now, you're welcome to your opinion of course, but it will have no bearing upon my original definition of these quacks.  In fact, I could probably line up a great many learned Christians and Conservatives who would look upon the contents of Conservapedia and scowl.  


  17. If Jesus were alive now, he'd have his phone tapped.

  18. WOW, you made me LAUGH HARD !!!!!

    This is great stuff!

    True Short Bus rhetoric....


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