Monday, February 12, 2007

Is it Real?

    So, a group of guys from the British television show Top Gear, come to America, buy some old clunkers of cars, paint some catchy slogans on them and drive them through the deep South where people aren't exactly famous for their tolerance.  Hilarity ensues:

    Now, I don't know how much of this is staged, manipulated, or whatnots, but it is certainly a funny episode. 

    Of course, now I want to go to England, buy a heap, and drive around with the phrase "High tea and spotted dick is teh gay" painted on the sides.  Of course, knowing the British, I'd probably wind up making more friends than enemies. 

(via Metafilter)



  1. Amusing hon!! You must have this major funny bone to be able to find this stuff. And no I dont mean (Ugh, I 'm not going there.) (Hugs) Indigo

  2. The question isn't is it real, but will it blend?

  3. Funny... and scary if it wasn't staged!  I loved the line 'I think some Americans have actually started mating with vegetables!'  WHAT A CLASSIC!!!  lol

    be well,

  4. Jeremy Clarkson the guy who said mating with vegetables is known for his sarcasm, that aint nothing............ He was scared, well scared. Wow I cant believe how intolerant those people were, over in the UK, if someone woulda done that everyone would have laughed at the joke!
    For the record spotted dick is not eaten for high tea, lolololololol, it's a pudding (vile too) In fact no one eats high tea anymore (unless you go to the palace)

    See if you can get up the episode where the guy in white truck has an accident and breaks nearly everybone in his body AND goes into a coma. He's fine now by the way!
    G ;-)  (from England)

  5. This was funny. I wonder what reactions they'd get if they were here in LA?

  6. I think this is fake. That gas station lady seems like part of the show. I've lived in hick towns and in the south and no one would say "Hey, you are in a hick town now." It is cute though.--Cin

  7. Trust me not necessarily students read an article & actually I think WE or Lifetime had a show on it...prom in Georgia just a few years ago that was segregated! Amazing how much prejudice still exists in the world!