Wednesday, February 13, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Yeah... That'll Work.

I don't know if I should laugh or beat my fists over this:
Physical, emotional and spiritual support pumps up kids for FCAT
When Evans High School students bend their heads to take the 2008 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, dozens of community members will bow their heads, too -- in prayer.

A group of about 40 churchgoers hopes that God's power will do what studying has not for the strugglingPine Hills school: raise its state-issued letter grade above the F it received the past two years.

"Once you've done all you can do, you put it in the Lord's hands," said the Rev. Michael Kimbrough, pastor of Rising Sun Baptist Church in Pine Hills, who is organizing the prayer chain. (Full Story)
Done all you can do?!?

What the...?

Have you tried, oh... I don't know, teaching?

It's not the children's fault they're failing, Rev. Mike. The fact is, Florida is a bleak and hellish educational sludge of confused Bible-thumping evangelicals and fundamentalist pseudo-Christians who care more about indoctrination than any sort of legitimate education. You're a land of dummies.

What happens when the prayer fails, as it inevitably will, and these kids are made to believe that their precious, all-loving, benevolent god wants them to be failures?


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  1. I went from a NY school to a Fla. classroom....Wouldn't you know it, I skipped a grade. To me that speaks volumes, the Fla. school systems were too easy a breeze, they were not teaching anything challenging at all. The fact they are failing says volumes is it they can't manage the basics to keep above a F standing? Apparently education as you stated is not taken very seriously there. Not if they are praying instead of preping themselves for the exams. Your right the teachers need to get a clue....these kids shouldn't be struggling if they were properly prepared for what was in the test....(Hugs) Indigo

  2. It's not just the teachers, or at least not ALL of them (my college roomie teaches in Florida now, and she's doing awesome with her students!!! but she is but one person out of the whole administration and state school system there).

    I see nothing wrong with praying, but "done all we can do?"  Ah, what?  I don't think so!!!

    BTW, this isn't the type of child support I usually hear about! :)