Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day... Oh... Eight!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers.

sure a great many of you have lots of love in your hearts, and if you
don't have love in your hearts, well... Let it be hookers and whiskey
for all!

As for me, I suppose I can say that I am still mostly
single. I could ask the now-infamous girlfriend/ex-girlfriend if we
should be celebrating Valentine's Day, but there's always a pretty good
chance that could explode in my face and leave me wondering just what
the hell happened to make my teeth go skittering excitedly across the
floor like dice spilled from a cup shaken by a drunken hand.

the moment, I haven't any plans for tonight. Besides, I'm not the kind
of guy who really needs a special day set aside for doing silly, little
romantic things which I tend to do anyway at random moments throughout
the weeks and months of a relationship. I'm a big fan of giving flowers
for no reason whatsoever, for instance, and so far today, as far as I
can tell, I've fulfilled my Valentine's Day obligation by doing nothing
more than sending out a sweet little text message to let the woman I
love know that I am, in fact, thinking about her and not thinking about
a naked Heidi Klum holding a football sized wedge of cheddar cheese
while balancing on a six-pack.

So, I've got that going for me
(or at least I did have. Curse you, Heidi Klum! Why do you have to go
so well with beer and cheese?).

Aside from that, I do hope your Valentine's Days are good ones.



  1. Is it ok if I imagine Heidi Klum naked with beer and cheese?  lol  A shame the girlfriend/ex-girlfriend doesn't realize what a great guy you are and that she should be having sex with you day and night till you marry her.  ;)

  2. I agree with Jamie's second point, and if Jamie (he or she?) wants to have fun with Heidi, then s/he should go for it.  lol

    Mine didn't start out so great, but I decided I was not going to get down, which wow, helped.  Then I got a note back from my infamous had a crush on this guy for frigging 6 years now, E.  Ahhhh:)  There is romantic hope.  lol  And, besides, life goes on, anyway.  It beats the alternative, eh?

    So, happy V-day back atcha.  May we all get laid again before we go so long we almost forget what it's like........  (is it forgettable?).