Saturday, February 16, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Bring in the Pain!

Ooops... Sorry about the previous "attempt" at this post. some of you may have gotten an alert or whatnots for it only to show up and be driven to scratch your noggin and wonder what happened to it.

See, what happened was... umm... Locusts. A Biblican plague of locusts took over my computer, and since they're not normally known for their typing skills, apparently, they hit "publish" when they were trying to type.

Okay... Honestly?

It was me.

I am dumb.

However, in my defense, I do have some painkillers in my head. It's been a rough, rough day with a whole heap of aching bones and joints (even the hairs inside my nose hurt). And, since my fingers aren't exactly working as well as they should, I think I hit some sort of obscure combination of buttons which lead to things going ahead without my approval (I think it involved the letter "p").

Anyway, today's a painful one. But, don't worry. I gave myself another injection of Humira yesterday and things should be fine (though I did stab an odd, out-of-place nerve in my leg that almost made me pee my pants it hurt so freakin' badly. Very weird). The only drawback is that it should take a bit of time before things start working, and I'm up running marathons and resuming my break dancing lessons. Today, however, it's me and the couch.

Aside from that, and in better news, my mother's doing pretty well. I want to thank you all for the kind notes and well wishes. I still do have the best readers in the world, and it's folks like you who make this little corner of the intertubes a fun and friendly place.

You dudes totally RAWK!!!!one!!1!

Unfortunately, my mom's back in the hospital since she had developed fluid in her lungs. Apparently, after these sorts of surgeries, it's important to get up and move around as soon as possible to keep these things from setting in. However, as a result of her post-operative pain, she was unable to do things like walk and cough and subsequently clear her lungs. So far, it's not anything serious, but they are keeping her at the hospital to keep an eye on things.

Let's see... What else...

It's Saturday afternoon, and I hope the day is going good for everyone stumbling upon this. The weather here is currently not too shabby. It's coldish with temps in the mid twenties, but I ain't complainin'. Unfortunately, another storm's coming, and though the snowfall amounts keep changing, I can imagine it's not going to be any fun. At this point, even a single flake is seen as a vile and disgusting interloper to all things sunny and warm.

Well, it's clearly time for me to scamper to familiarize myself with my sofa.

Have a great Saturday.


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  1. Sorry your in pain. What happened? Hop your mom gets better. Brenda

  2. It's really good that they got your mom in the hospital at the first sign of fluid.  I know from experience with my grandpa that older people can go down hill fast if not treated immediately.  Be grateful that she is in good hands.  I too have had incidents with the internet locusts.  Bastards eat all the good stuff too.  We will get freezing rain, no snow.  Not sure which is worse to be honest with you.