Friday, February 8, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Snowmen Are Eating My Nose....

Ahhh.... Friday.

Well, I think it looks like everyone made it through the week, and for some reason, you've chosen to drop by here to find... umm... what was it again, exactly?

I don't know how much inane blathering I'll be able produce on these intertubes today. It's not so much that I'm busy, you see. There's a Doctor Who marathon on the SciFi channel which provides a much-welcomed mammoth distraction. I blame the sonic screwdriver and Rose Tyler's jiggly bits, ya know. On my TV, they are the small, shiny objects that take my mind off things like snow, ice, food and whatever else.

I'm also suffering through a wicked bout of keyboard dyslexia.

The brain's working fine and dandy, mind you. It's just that there seems to be a whole heap of confusion somewhere between a blazing synapse and my pudgy, dancing fingers.

Ah well... Typo through the tulips, I guess.

Aside from that gibberish, there's been some rumblings from my mother's doctors about potentially releasing her back into the wild sometime today, and that does amaze me. Don't get me wrong. It's great that she's allowed to head home and everything, but considering that only a handful of days ago she was cut up on a table with no end of wires, cables and ungodly plumbing coming out of her, you'd think that it would take a bit more time to recover. After all, I get a sliver in my finger, and I'm a whimpering child for about a week or so.

If I were in her shoes, and it was me in that hospital bed, right about now would probably be the time I'd have sufficiently pimped my morphine drip to function more like a bottle of cheap tequila at a frat-house kegger than that painfully slow little drip-drip nonsense.

Nonetheless, since it is Friday, and the weekend is rushing in upon us like a nice, deep breath, I suppose I'll ask you all what your plans are for the next couple of days?

So, who's doing what?

I know some of you might have to work this weekend, and well... you shouldn't. Just make something up. I mean, it is that time of year where cars don't start, people fall down and get hurt, and sometimes, god forbid, the goldfish may actually expire, plunging your world into a hellish land of heartbreak, sadness and despair.

As for me, I am not doing anything special. So far, in fact, the only plan I have is to celebrate Lent this weekend by grilling a huge steak outside on the patio at high-freakin'-noon so Baby Jesus can look straight down and wail at me and my tasty hunk of perfectly-grilled, medium-rare disrespect. After all, I'm not really a big fan of fasting, and I enjoy my gluttony.

Aside from that, have a great Friday folks. Try not to get too crazy.


Posted By Dan to The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind at 2/08/2008 10:44:00 AM


  1. Dan, I do enjoy your journal and especially the "Typo through the tulips," things that you come up with.
    I will be spending the weekend trying to keep warm and watching the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament on TV.
    Just saw a golfer on my  course and it is low 40's here. I play better in the 80's. Do not see how any one can golf when it is less than 55 degrees with wind.
    Have a good weekend and enjoy the steak, Bill

  2. Gotta love those Dr. Who marathons. Anyway not much going here this weekend, work tomorrow then snowboarding Sunday. Kind of a chill type weekend.

  3. Gotta love those Dr. Who marathons. Anyway not much going here this weekend, work tomorrow then snowboarding Sunday. Kind of a chill type weekend.

  4. It's not in the rules per se, but what's in your heart (meaning, He still may be sad, but He likely wouldn't care that you're grilling meat.  I think. Then again, I'm not Catholic....)

    Sleep soudns fantastic.  I'll get some in.  I'll dance some, possibly two outings worth which hasn't happened in, well, too long, and some hangtime with just girlfriends.......  but, sleep sounds best right now lol.

    Hmmmmm, think I could tell my boss come Monday, that my goldfish died, and I won't be in until let's see, early/mid afternoon?  Found out about an event I really don't wish to miss, see.........

  5. Oh, gosh, meant to add -- I do hope your mother is sufficiently well enough for being redelivered to her home.  I hope the doctor is making the decision, and not the health insurance.  It's possible she's going home sooner than you'd think, as she has a decent home to go to, and wouldn't be alone?  Anyway, glad she's doing this well.  She may be in for some PT or physical rehab, etc., but?  Guess you / she will find out.

  6. Hi !!!!!!

    I do have to agree with Bill in every single way about enjoying your journal. I have to say that I enjoy coming to read your entries. You always make me smile when I come to visit. I am NOT going to be doing much this weekend except resting. I am off of work for the weekend and I don't have any plans but to stay home and rest after a long week. I do hope that you enjoy your steak. I hope you enjoy your weekend as well. Do take care.

  7. Huh? Why was your mammy in the hospital, Dan?  So, I may go to a Home and Garden Show tomorrow. Sounds like you need to go to something like that way more than me! Then tomorrow night, out to dinner to celebrate my mom's b'day.
    Ok, Dan, I was just reading my e-mail from the AARP, of which I am a card carrying member and they listed 10 great love songs...what would be your top ten?

  8. The weekend is the only time I work!  I would almost rather work five days a week and get those two holy days off.  ;)~  As for lent, I'm an atheist, I can eat whatever the hell I want, whenever I want and the only thing mocking me, is the scale.  ;)  Have a good steak.  I don't know that I would put my ass on the freezing patio to make it though.  Although they do taste a hell of a lot better that way.

  9. Typo through the tulips....... I love it!