Saturday, June 30, 2007

Call Me Mr. Matchmaker.


    See, this is heartbreaking.  According to my ClusterMap, I have two readers in Australia; however, they are are separated by an entire freakin' continent.  And, it's a big, lonely continent.

    Now, being the nice guy and hopeless romantic that I am, I really want these two kids to get together.  Perhaps they could meet in Coober Pedy and dig for opals or something.  That would bring a smile to my face.  Plus, if these two can make it work in this day and age, my map won't look like a woman's chest as drawn by a talentless eight year old with a dirty mind.

    So, if you two Aussie kids can get together, drop me an email (, and I'll send you a free t-shirt (I've decided to just start giving away my dirty laundry rather than actually put in the effort of washing it).  Love is in the air, ya know? 



    What a hopeless romantic guy you are indeed. Feels like love is in th air and what a breath of fresh air this entry was.

                                                                         patty Ann

  2. Nipples...or sack-pimples?

  3. Lol! You still have the little kids snicker when you think of boobs don't you? As for the dirty laundry give away.....Ummm I gotta enough of my own sweetie. (Hugs) Indigo

  4. I've got to hand it to you, Dan. I don't know anyone else in the world who could make a post out of that! :)

  5. You are two funny!!  Maybe they are already married happily...

    be well,

  6. Is it just me or does anybody else think they look like two little red nipples?
    Ah, just me then!

  7. Hi !!!!!!!!! It's so wonderful of you to try and be a matchmaker that's so great. Hey if you want to hook me up with someone I wouldn't mind------ I'm single.

    How about sending me a free t-shirt ???? I will wash it for you. Thanks for sharing this. Take care.

  8. Ya do know that map looks like a pair of dodgy tits!
    Gaz ;-)