Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time Flies Like the Wind (but Fruit Flies Like Bananas)...


    It seems the day has gotten away from me.  I mean, it's after 9 o'clock at night, and I am feeling really tired. 

    It was a good day, I suppose.  I spent most of it loafing on the couch watching the movie Blue Demon with the Girlfriend/Ex-Girlfriend.  Words simply are not adequate to fully describe how utterly dreadful this movie was.  But, it's got mutant sharks, cliched characters, and umm...  mutant sharks named after the Marx Brothers.  Yes.  Brutal! 

    The thing is, Em tagged me as a blog that makes her think, and I've got to take care of that little meme first thing tomorrow... 

    Yeah.  Me?  I make people think apparently.  I don't know if I make them think in a Physics professor, a criminal-mastermind, or a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of one's shoe sort of way, but it's a nice compliment, and considering Emily's super-cool and nifty, it's clear I've totally got my foot in the door, and it's only a matter of time before she and I shave our heads and run off to live in an ashram.  It happens.  I have that effect on people.

    So, there's absolutely no reason whatsoever for writing this tonight other than to hopefully make people giggle.  Mostly though, I'm just waiting until my tired feeling turns into more of an "Oh my freakin' God!  Do I still have a pulse?" kind of exhaustion. 
    Well...  I'm off to drool at the TV some more.  Hopefully, all of you aren't thinking too much. 


  1. LOL... you are a very funny guy... and you do make me think!  Like right now, I am thinking you need some new graphics Dan!  LOL  And, more pics of the cats...

    be well,

  2. You often make me think about bacon. --Smooches, Cin

  3. Great. Now I gotta go look up ashram.


  4. And I'm thinking I missed when your ex-girlfriend started becoming your current girlfriend again?  Is this a good thing, isn't this the woman you've talked about a fair bit in here?  Well, compared with any other woman except maybe unattainable bloggers ;)