Monday, June 25, 2007

Screw this...


    I just spent half an hour writing a nice, long entry about my cat with all sorts of pretty cool pictures, and AOL decided to "eat" it by spitting out the "Journals not available" screen.  Way to go asshats!

    So, I'm going to say screw it, and I'm thinking AOL can take its journals product and cram it squarely up its dysfunctional backside.  Someday, they may understand the value of having a consistently functional product as opposed to packing it full of mostly-useless features that don't operate as well as the pointy-heads who designed them would imagine.  I don't plan on sticking around for that though.  The only thing AOL seems to do consistently these days is disappoint. 

    If I feel motivated again, maybe I'll try to post it.  Right now, I just don't have the time or the desire.

    So, if you'd like, just imagine laughing over a bunch of pictures of DogCat getting ripped on a pile of catnip.  It was funny. 


  1. Oh but please do not leave us just think about those who loves your journal. Hey D,Poem you are one of my favorite writers. So parts got cut which makes us angry. As it also happened to alot of us, like a photo of one of my stories of a American solidier on my entry from 911. Keep on writing because I think that you will make the journal of the year. How refreshing it is to have a cup of coffee and read The wisdom of a Distracted mind.
                                                                        Patty Ann

  2. Guess there goes your PG rating.  :)

    Okay, DogCat getting ripped on catnip.  Perhaps you could join him, but, with beer instead of catnip.

  3. Did you hit the back arrow?  When I do that, i don't lose anything!!!  Arghhh..  I am sorry that it didn't work... and I can't wait until you calm down and post them because... I want to see Catdog all doped up!  LOL

    be well,

  4. Someone warn JE Joe that he needs to protect his orifices!!

    "Journals" is so isolationist anyway. I mean, why the hell can't you guys have blogs like the rest of us?

  5. Yet it lets you print Fuck?? Hmm something is backasswards here lol! Keep your chin up ya ninny it happens to us all. (Hugs) Indigo

  6. Are you going for that R rating? --Cin