Friday, June 29, 2007

Just Checkin'...


    Now, there's absolutely no reason for writing this tonight.  I was out at Summerfest for a bit earlier today while my DSL was being "activated."  It turns out, lack of internet is an excellent excuse to have a wonderful time.  So, of course, I meandered down to Summerfest for an afternoon of decent music capped off with a couple of cold beers and a nice, happy basket of Crispy Squid with plum sauce.  YUM! 

    Anyway, the picture here is of DeafCat on my guitar amp.  I was having issues posting pictures before, and I just want to see if things are working better now. 
    So, if you please, you're welcome to disregard this entry, but, as always, I am curious what you are all up to this weekend?  Is anyone doing anything fun and rowdy? 



  1. Awww... DeafCat looks so cute sitting there on the amp!  Does she sit there when you play?  I didn't know you play guitar... so play something and post a video!  LOL  Did you come listen to my daughter's piano recital... I uploaded a video of it.

    As for anything interesting... basically this is the first weekend with NO COMMITMENTS!  Yay!  So, we are just going to vegetate at the town pool with friends.

    be well,

  2. Hi !!!!!!! I was reading your entry Crispy Squid ?? I'm not a fan of squid even if its with plum sauce. Anywho.......I went to a store tonight and I might have been rude to a guy. Drop by my journal and tell me what you think ------->

    I am glad you enjoyed your day. Take care.

  3. Does that one go to eleven?

  4. Can't beat good music with cold beer. Not so sure about the squid though. My weekend will be spent putting some flat-packed furniture together. I can't wait! B.

  5. This weekend we're staying home to save money. Woo-frickin'-Hoo!

  6. Mmm...pass the crispy squid! Hey, what is that framed pic behind Deaf Cat? --Cin