Wednesday, June 27, 2007


    Yes.  Things have been kind of quiet the last couple of days.  We're doing a bit of housekeeping, general maintenance, and upgrading here at the DPoem Media Empire mothership, and hopefully things will be running smoothly once I receive a new router and remove the rusty knife from my guts that the cable company has been using to gouge me. 

    However, on Thursday, I will once again be at Summerfest.  So, I'll try to post, but I can't make any promises.  I may be in jail, or face down in the lake, or stuck in a beer line dying of thirst, or...  well.  Use your imagination. 



  1. They use that same rusty knife in every state, don't they?! I see that they lend it out to the cellular service bastards, too.
    Enjoy Simmerfest. --Cin

  2. The bastards... but it is TOTALLY worth it!!!  Anyhow... have fun at the festival!  Have a beer for me... and some fried cheese!  LOL

    be well,

  3. Summerfest looks like it will be a blast! At least from a hippies prospective (remembering all the summer festivals she used to go to). (Hugs) Indigo

  4. Summerfest looks good. Steely Dan performing as well, can't be bad.
    Have a good one.

  5. Yeah...  Steely Dan would be great to see, but it's a total date band.  And, since I'm date-free tomorrow night, I'll probably just catch some of the other bands on the other stages, and cap off the night with the Violent Femmes and a hell of a lot of fireworks.  But, I am looking forward to Roger Waters on Monday.  

    Other than that, though, this year's Fest seems kind of a dud.  Either that, or I'm just getting old, and I'm not hip to this crazy music the kids are groovin' on these days.