Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keep the Kids Stupid...

    Now this pisses me off:  Link

           Threats Force SC Library to Cancel Summer Program
A South Carolina library system has closed down its summer programs for young adults after receiving threats and allegations that it was trying to promote "witchcraft" and "drug use."


    Now the programs are cancelled in the wake of phone and e-mail threats from the community, believed to emanate from a single local Baptist church. The astrology program was labeled as "witchcraft" by callers, while the Zen garden and yoga programs were objected to as "promoting other religions." The t-shirts workshop? "Promotes the hippie culture and drug use," callers said.

    Sometimes I wonder whether or not our nation is out there fighting the "real" terrorists?  After all, if this sort of nonsense is allowed to fester in our own nation, doesn't it make us all a collection of hypocrites asking other nations of the world to stop this stupidity? 
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  1. Unbelieveable.  Someone needs to just SLAP them all about the head and shoulders... so stupid.

    be well,

  2. God forbid we might be more intellectual than a Baptist! (Hugs) Indigo

  3. I do not have religious objections to Tarot reading myself, but as a Tarot player, I am disappointed at what appear to be one-sided presentations of Tarot cards only in terms of divination.

    Tarot cards, according to playing card historians, were not originally designed for fortune telling. They were created for playing a type of card game similar to Whist. Tarot card games are still played today in France, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. There also appears to be a small but growing number of players outside Europe.

    If public educational institutions foster the notion that Tarot is only about divination and the occult, then they are not doing the job for which we pay them.

    I must ask why must all presentations of Tarot in this country have to be occult related? Why do we not expose the young people to actual card games played with Tarot decks?  Teens should be aware that Tarot cards are not just used for the occult or for divination. We should teach teenagers the rules for Tarot card games too. It is highly possible that young people may come to prefer the card games over the divination practices. They should be given an informed choice. We should educate young people about all aspects of culture including Tarot and not present one sided depictions of these matters.

    I do not wish for these Tarot presentations to be banned or cancelled as they have in some parts of the country, but I do think they should be more balanced by including some information regarding Tarot's role in the history of card games.

    James D. Wickson

  4. Thanks for the information James.  

    We really should be packing the minds of our children with every bit of information possible.  It's a difficult world out there, and they could certainly use all the help they can get.  In fact, I'd rather have kids learn about things rather than some uptight trembling agent of this pseudo-morality telling them that they can't learn about something for no good reason whatsoever.  

    Kids should ask questions, and they should be given honest answers.  They deserve everything we have to teach them.  


  5. They get away with it because we give in like this! Stupidity!!! They are throwing adult temper tantrums & they are just reinforcing it! Just do it, let them take you to court & lose...also lose their money!