Friday, June 22, 2007


    Hmm...  Graphics?

    Dawn suggested that I try to incorporate more graphics in my blog, but the thing is, I am really not that big of a fan of those sorts of things.  Granted, some of them can be quite nice and whatnots, but let's face it, I've stumbled upon more than one blog that was so unbearably choked with all sorts of pictures and animations that half the time, the page wouldn't load properly on my poor browser.  Apparently, sometimes Firefox doesn't recognize certain picture formatting in some "About Me" sections, and the pictures, graphics and everything tend to encroach into the actual journals entries.  For example, here's what Dawn's blog looks like on my browser:

    As you can see, it's kind of cluttered as a result of AOL placing such tight tolerances on sizing in the "About Me" section which my browser doesn't recognize. 

    However, if I use the AOL client browser, the "About Me" section on Dawn's blog is expanded to accomodate the size, and everything is fine and dandy. 

    See?  It's all nice and tidy.  But, I like my Firefox browser over the AOL client.  And, the way I've found to get over the cluttering on the page is to read Dawn's blog via the Newsgator feed reader which doesn't display the stuff in the "About Me" section.  And, then when I want to comment, I open the individual entry and it's all good.

    Don't worry, Dawn.  I still love your journal, and it's always a damn fun read.  And, besides, your blog isn't all that cluttered.  However, I have come across some that are so packed with animations, graphics, and hot-linked (e.g. copy and pasting a picture from the web directly into an entry) photos, that the pages do not even load.  And, when they do, looking at the page is a lot like walking the Vegas strip with a headfull of blotter acid.  It's dizzying.

    Of course, none of that really has anything to do with why I personally don't use graphics or animations.  I think sometimes those things can be too much of a distraction.  I'd rather just write and slap in the occasional photo (which reminds me.  I really need to find my camera). 

    Moreover, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I figure if I avoid pictures in my entries, my typing skills will improve.



  1. Okay... I give.  But, I didn't mean the silly tags and stuff I use, you just keep reusing those same black and white pics of guys slapping their heads... so that is what I meant.  Or more pics.  You haven't posted pics of scenery or the cats in an age.  lol

    be well,

  2. Good thing there's always a way around AOL, that's what I say. (Ten bucks this comment mysteriously disappears!) :D

    Your blog is fine. But if you replaced the constipated monkey picture, it wouldn't bother me any.

  3. What have you got against constipated monkeys?  

    Sheesh...  Demanding lot, aren't ya?  



  4. Dawn, you and I both know that Dan blew your comment out of proportion so he'd have something to write about. I sure as shit knew what you meant!

  5. Sorry, Tee.  I don't think I blew it out of proportion.  Dawn could have been a little more specific as the word graphic is tossed around on AOL journals with all sorts of abandon and pretty much means anything these days.  So, I really didn't know exactly what she was talking about.  

    But, don't let that keep you from patting yourself on the back.  


  6. umm i never found blotter acid to be thaaaaaaaat dizzying..... now the lights on the vegas thaaaaaaaaat is


  7. I'm going to put an ((((echo)))) in here to what Dawn said! Lol! No I'm not normal, haven't you figured that out by now. (Hugs) Indigo

  8. I wouldn't know how to add graphics.  I wouldn't mind playing with that some.  I agree that some journals can get too cluttered and distracting with too much stuff.  Heck, two journals I mostly ignore now as they are comprised essentially of little writing chock full of graphics (that my one pc can't even load).   I prefer the simplier touch to scrapbooking, also, though; let the photos being scrapbooked be the highlight.  Then again, you could use something other than that same guy slapping his forehead, like I'm one to talk, as I could use some lessons on how to insert and utilize graphics at all.